• Hi Foman123,

    Any remaining Ghost-locations we've missed are listed here:

    Simply type in you Gamertag/PSN name and it lists all the Ghosts you've found, as well as where and how to find those you haven't.

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    • Hey, thanks for that. I had no idea there was an API for that. It will definitely help flesh out the Ghost Fragment Grimoire pages.

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    • Glad I could help; I did add about a dozen over the past month, but there were much more than I realised!

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    • I'm going to try getting them all, though I've found one that is glitched. It was noted in the article it might, so I'm not surprised. I _know_ I've collected it already, though. I already have plans to make a new PSN account to retrieve it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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