Break the House of Devils' grasp on the Cosmodrome and secure a vital link to the Golden Age.
― In-game description

The Warmind is a story mission in Destiny and takes place in Old Russia, Earth. This mission grants the player a Sparrow.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Find the vehicle grid
  • Reach the Forgotten Shore - Race through the Cosmodrome on your Sparrow to investigate the heavy Fallen activity
  • Scan Fallen amplifiers - Deploy Ghost to hack into the Fallen devices.
  • Infiltrate Skywatch - Breach the old array complex to locate the source of the Fallen operation.
  • Resist the Fallen - Ward off the Fallen while Ghost recovers data ripped from the Cosmodrome network.
  • Destroy Fallen tap - Shoot the exposed core to destroy the Fallen automaton.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

{Loading screen}

  • GHOST: The Vanguard's reporting that Fallen are tearing into machines all over the Cosmodrome. I'm starting to think they aren't just looting the place. Whatever they're looking for, we should probably find it first.


  • GHOST: I'm picking up heavy Fallen activity near the Forgotten Shore. But that's miles from here. Guardians set up a vehicle grid here. We sync to that, we can summon ground transport from our ship. Let's go.

The Guardian finds the vehicle grid.

  • GHOST: Here's the Sparrow link!

The Guardian deploys the Ghost to hack the vehicle grid.

  • GHOST: Encoding superposed states. Entangling ket vectors and... we're linked. Alright, if you want to get your Sparrow, we can be in the Forgotten Shore in seconds.

The Guardian reaches the Forgotten Shore.

  • GHOST: We're approaching the Shore. The Fallen are using some sort of signal amplifiers. Let's see what they're transmitting.

The Guardian deploys the Ghost to scan the first amplifier.

  • GHOST: Give me a second...
  • GHOST: Some kind of distorted signal. Not Fallen. Let's check the other one.

The Guardian deploys the Ghost to scan the second amplifier.

  • GHOST: The same transmission. They're both linked to something in Skywatch. Let's check it out.

The Guardian enters the Terrestrial Complex.

  • GHOST: The Fallen are tapped into something in the back of the room!

The Guardian deploys the Ghost to scan the Fallen tap.

  • GHOST: The Fallen are trying to access these machines, but something is fighting back. This will take some time.

The Guardian is attacked by several waves of Fallen enemies and kills them.

  • GHOST: Okay. I've pulled out everything they managed to steal. We should destroy this thing.

The Guardian destroys the Fallen tap.

  • GHOST: They didn't get much. Kept hitting an active firewall. Old Earth, Russian. The legends are true. A Warmind did survive the Collapse. Rasputin... an AI built to defend Earth. He faced The Darkness and survived. And he's protecting something here in the Cosmodrome. We have to find a way to reach him.

{Mission ends}

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