Legends say The Traveler sacrificed itself to save us. The mysterious sphere still hangs where it made its last stand, low above the Earth, keeping silent watch.
Osiris during the Reveal Trailer

The Traveler is a mysterious, city-sized sphere in Destiny and Destiny 2 that hangs low over the Earth.


The Traveler's origins are unknown. When it arrived, humanity first discovered it on Mars. It sparked a Golden Age of humanity that allowed humans to migrate from Earth to colonize other planets within the Solar System. Some speculate that the Traveler is a large vessel; others believe that it is a sentient being or artificial intelligence and some may even consider it a deity. As of yet its true nature is unknown.

The Traveler is credited with humanity's survival during the Collapse of the Golden Age. After the Traveler sacrificed itself to save humanity, it remained floating not far from the Earth's surface, and became silent and dormant. The City was built in its shadow and under its protection, where its inhabitants are temporarily safe from the threat of the Darkness.

The Red WarEdit

Dominus Ghaul, leader of the Red Legion, attacked the City and trapped the Traveler inside a barrier, cutting off its Light from the Guardians.[1] Ghaul absorbed some of the Traveler's Light to fight the Guardians, but he was defeated. Ghaul resurrected as a cloud of pure Light. Instead of choosing Ghaul, the Traveler broke its barrier and obliterated him, releasing a pulse that reaches throughout the entire galaxy.[2]


The Traveler grants some of its mysterious powers to the Guardians that take the form of usable abilities in-game. Ghosts, the personal artificially-intelligent companions of Guardians, were made by the Traveler itself in its dying breath. Within the Tower, The Speaker acts as the representative of the Traveler.


  • According to Fenchurch Everis, the inside of the Traveler "smells faintly of vanilla." Whether this is true or not is unknown.
  • According to Xur, there is a dark mirror of the Traveler.
  • Calus claims to have known of the Traveler before its arrival to the Solar System.



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