This article is about the story mission. For the relic, see Sword of Crota.
Infiltrate the Hive Fortress and destroy the legendary Sword of Crota, a weapon once used to slay thousands of Guardians.
― In-game description

The Sword of Crota is a story mission in Destiny and takes place in Ocean of Storms, Moon.



{Loading screen}

  • GHOST: I've been combing the Cryptarch's records for anything on the Temple of Crota. Listen:
  • MASTER RAHOOL: Long ago, the Moon fell to Crota. He wielded a sword so dark, it drained whatever Light it touched. Now, Crota sleeps, but the Sword does not. The Warlocks believe the Sword is in a chamber guarded by the Swarm Princes. If you face them and steal the sword, we can see that it is never wielded again.


  • GHOST: The only way to destroy the sword is to kill its makers, the Swarm Princes. One of them is said to guard a ritual site near the Hellmouth. We'll challenge him first.

The Guardian arrives at the ritual site.

  • GHOST: This is where we'll find him. I hope you're ready.

The Guardian kills Banuk, Ur Prince.

  • GHOST: One down. I'll lead us to the others.

The Guardian heads into The Gatehouse.

  • GHOST: Not to unsettle you, but I'm tracking the Sword by the Light of the Guardians it's killed. It's further below.
  • GHOST: The Sword is close. I can feel its power.

The Guardian finds the Sword of Crota.

  • GHOST: Clear them out!

The Guardian eliminates all nearby Hive enemies.

  • GHOST: Grab the Sword. That should lure them out.

The Guardian grabs the Sword.

  • GHOST: Careful. Its power is dark.

The Guardian kills many Hive enemies.

  • GHOST: Lots of movement, all around us! The Princes are coming for the Sword.

The Guardian kills Garok, Xol Prince, Dakoor, Yul Prince, and Merok, Eir Prince.

  • GHOST: The Sword is gone. They say that was one of the most powerful weapons the Hive ever wielded against us. The Cryptarchs won't believe this.

{Mission ends}



  • If the player attempts to leave the Gatehouse while wielding the Sword, it will be removed from the player and will reappear in its original location.