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This article is about the story mission. For the relic, see Sword of Crota.

Infiltrate the Hive Fortress and destroy the legendary Sword of Crota, a weapon once used to slay thousands of Guardians.
― In-game description

The Sword of Crota is a story mission in Destiny and takes place in Ocean of Storms, Moon.



{Loading screen}

  • GHOST: I've been combing the Cryptarch's records for anything on the Temple of Crota. Listen:
  • MASTER RAHOOL: Long ago, the Moon fell to Crota. He wielded a sword so dark, it drained whatever Light it touched. Now, Crota sleeps, but the Sword does not. The Warlocks believe the Sword is in a chamber guarded by the Swarm Princes. If you face them and steal the sword, we can see that it is never wielded again.


  • GHOST: The only way to destroy the sword is to kill its makers, the Swarm Princes. One of them is said to guard a ritual site near the Hellmouth. We'll challenge him first.

The Guardian arrives at the ritual site.

  • GHOST: This is where we'll find him. I hope you're ready.

The Guardian kills Banuk, Ur Prince.

  • GHOST: One down. I'll lead us to the others.

The Guardian heads into The Gatehouse.

  • GHOST: Not to unsettle you, but I'm tracking the Sword by the Light of the Guardians it's killed. It's further below.
  • GHOST: The Sword is close. I can feel its power.

The Guardian finds the Sword of Crota.

  • GHOST: Clear them out!

The Guardian eliminates all nearby Hive enemies.

  • GHOST: Grab the Sword. That should lure them out.

The Guardian grabs the Sword.

  • GHOST: Careful. Its power is dark.

The Guardian kills many Hive enemies.

  • GHOST: Lots of movement, all around us! The Princes are coming for the Sword.

The Guardian kills Garok, Xol Prince, Dakoor, Yul Prince, and Merok, Eir Prince.

  • GHOST: The Sword is gone. They say that was one of the most powerful weapons the Hive ever wielded against us. The Cryptarchs won't believe this.

{Mission ends}



  • If the player attempts to leave the Gatehouse while wielding the Sword, it will be removed from the player and will reappear in its original location.
  • Standing on top of the vertical slabs that can be seen when first entering the boss rooms will confuse the AI of the Knights and make them nonhostile since they cannot reach you.