The Sleeper Stirs is a quest that rewards the exotic heavy fusion rifle Sleeper Simulant.

The quest is started by collecting 4 fusion rifle artifacts, which are dropped randomly from any enemy in any activity, and giving them to Banshee-44 in order to restore his memory. The relics are always obtained in this order:[1]

  1. DVALIN-RAS8711-FR002
  2. DVALIN-RAS93-FR001
  3. DVALIN-RAS30-FR004
  4. DVALIN-RAS432-FR003

Once all relics have been given to Banshee-44, the first step of the quest will become available.[2]

Quest StepsEdit

Step OneEdit

Quest step icon The First Firewall
"Complete "The First Firewall""


  1. Complete The First Firewall


  1. Curious Transceiver

Step TwoEdit


Curious Transceiver

Quest step icon Activate the Transceiver
"Enter the code to unlock the Curious Transceiver"


  1. Enter the code to unlock the Curious Transceiver
    • The code to unlock the transceiver is communicated by the order in which waves of enemies spawn during The First Firewall. Normal Knights represent the top row, and Taken Knights represent the bottom row. Four codes must be entered corresponding to the four waves during the mission:[3]
      1. Top, bottom, top, top, bottom, bottom, bottom, top, bottom
      2. Top, bottom, top, top, bottom, bottom, top, top
      3. Top, bottom, bottom, bottom, top, bottom, bottom, bottom, top, top
      4. Top, bottom, top, bottom, top, bottom, top, top


  1. Curious Transciever (Transmitting)

Step ThreeEdit

Quest step icon Shadow Call
"Complete "Shadow Call""


  1. Complete Shadow Call


  1. IKELOS Fusion Core

Step FourEdit


IKELOS Fusion Core

Quest step icon Repair the Core
"Repair the IKELOS fusion core"


  1. Obtain a Heavy Power Coupling
    • Dismantle any legendary or exotic heavy weapon.[3]
  2. Obtain Ionized Shell Harmonics
  3. Obtain component WARSAT//MK19/TERRA/RSPN
  4. Obtain component WARSAT//MK19/LUNA/RSPN
  5. Obtain component WARSAT//MK19/MARS/CHLM

Once each item is obtained, it must be added to the fusion core on the inventory screen.

  1. Reassembled IKELOS Fusion Core

Step FiveEdit

Quest step icon Deliver the fusion core to the Gunsmith
"Deliver the fusion core to the Gunsmith"


  1. Deliver the fusion core to Banshee-44
    • Upon delivery, the quest will disappear until the next day.

Step SixEdit

Quest step icon The Sleeper Stirs
"Complete "The Sleeper Stirs""


  1. Complete The Sleeper Stirs


  1. Sleeper Simulant Weapon Frame

Step SevenEdit

Quest step icon Talk to Banshee-44
"Speak to Banshee-44"


  1. Speak to Banshee-44


  1. Sleeper Simulant


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