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The Queen's Wrath was a limited-time event that was available from September 23 to October 6, 2014. Players took part in a variety of bounties and new mission modes provided by Queen Mara Sov. In return, they received unique legendary and rare gear for their Guardians.



Xander 99-40 offered Reef Bounties, which awarded Queen's Wrath reputation. Reputation was required to purchase shaders, emblems, and class items from Petra Venj, who appeared in the Traveler's Walk. For each Reef Bounty turned in, the Guardian was awarded with a The Queen's Wrath mission item. Each The Queen's Wrath mission item could be used in the Director to play a random story mission with three modifiers enabled: Epic, a burn, and the third is random. Completing the mission would reward a legendary weapon or armor piece. Any Guardian could join the mission, but they would not receive the mission reward if they did not have a The Queen's Wrath mission item in their inventory.



Hunter Armor[]

Titan Armor[]

Warlock Armor[]



  • In the first few days of the original event, players often exploited the system by completing the Queen's Wrath missions, disassembling the Legendary items that were rewarded, and acquiring ascendant materials more quickly than the developers had intended. After the first few days, this was patched, and dismantling the Legendaries from this event no longer reward ascendant shards or energy. Legendaries from other sources reward ascendant materials as normally.