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The Golden Age legends tell of ancient tunnels below the Academy, where a Vex machine once ate away at the planet. Descend into the old dig sites and find this Nexus before it churns again.
― In-game description

The Nexus is a Strike in Destiny and takes place in Ishtar Sink, Venus.


  • Start from the Ishtar Commons and make your way down to fight the Nexus.
  • Kill three High Servitors to pass through the first area.
  • Enemies are optional afterwards, as you can just run past them. Continue on until you reach "The Nexus."
  • Kill the boss, who is a very large Hydra with all the weaknesses and strengths of one, including an invulnerable shield that rotates around it and heavy plasma cannons.


{Loading Screen}

  • IKORA REY: Far below the Ishtar Academy, the Vex have set something in motion: a world-eating machine transforming Venus into another link in their intergalactic chain. This Nexus must be stopped and the Mind that controls it destroyed.


  • GHOST: Alright, let's go find this Nexus.

The fireteam heads into the N/Gen Branch.

Three Servitors enter the room, one by one, accompanied by Fallen. The fireteam destroys the Servitors.

  • GHOST: Okay, the upper level's open.

The fireteam heads up the stairs and through the next hallways to Dig Site 4.

  • GHOST: We're getting close. I'm detecting a massive surge from the dig site below us.

The fireteam continues to The Nexus.

  • GHOST: That's got to be the Nexus.

The fireteam drops down and kills the Minotaurs guarding the area.

  • GHOST: The Nexus! It's opening!

Sekrion, Nexus Mind appears. The fireteam engages and destroys it.

  • IKORA REY: One tendril of the Vex surge has been severed. But their presence here still grows in other dark places, far out of our reach. We must continue to understand their power and haunt the realms where they gather.

{Mission Ends}


Kill Three High Servitors[]

  • Once entering the segment, throw a grenade at the wall on top of the stairs that are in-front.
  • One Servitor spawns first, along with several Fallen.
  • The final two Servitors spawn simultaneously, along with several Fallen each, including one Captain.

The Nexus[]

  • Once entering this area, Guardians should stay on top of the cliff before jumping down. This could give some advantage over the Minotaurs if a sniper is used.
  • If a player decides to stay on top of the cliff the entire fight, be careful of a Minotaur that spawns behind every so often.
  • When jumping down, there is a large wall behind the fireteam from which the fireteam can go around to the back from either the left or right side. This location is very useful for surviving against Sekrion or the Vex enemies that spawn on the ground.
  • One of the tall, broken pillars in the middle can be jumped on. From there players can jump up to the platform holding Sekrion. This tactic works best with a Titan.

Strike Hoard Loot[]