The City

The City.

The City is the last populated city on Earth and the last bastion for mankind and civilization.[1] The City was built after The Traveler arrived and is located directly below where The Traveler hovers. Mankind came together to build The City underneath the Traveler because it provides powers and protection to humankind. It is surrounded by The Wall.[1]

Known Districts in The CityEdit

The City is divided into several zones:

History of the CityEdit

The Dark AgeEdit

Shortly following the Collapse, humanity entered a Dark Age in which Ghosts began to search for their Guardians and survivors of the Collapse began searching for a new place to call home. During this time, legends began to circulate among the survivors of a refuge beneath The Traveler.

The City AgeEdit

Historians seem to disagree over when the City Age began, but they do agree that it was a long and arduous process for the City to form. Guardian warlords and other enemies of the City made life difficult, but the City was built, and it's walls hosted many important historical events and people. During this time, the following events took place, in unconfirmed order:

  • The Fall of the Iron Lords
  • Saint-14's Crusade
  • The creation of the position of "Speaker"
  • The Great Ahamkara Hunt
  • The failed effort to retake the Moon
  • Faction Wars

At this point, The Guardian enters the scene, changing much for the progress of the City. The Guardian successfully repels the threats of The Darkness itself, Crota, Skolas, Oryx, and SIVA, among others.

The Red War and Cabal OccupationEdit

During the attack on the City by the Red Legion, the Tower and many parts of the city were destroyed. After the death of Ghaul, the defeat of the Red Legion and the re-awakening of The Traveler, many from the Farm and the Vanguard moved back in.


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