For the Destiny scout rifle, see The Jade Rabbit (Destiny).
What kind of harebrained scheme have you got in mind this time?
― In-game description

The Jade Rabbit is an exotic Scout Rifle introduced in the Curse of Osiris expansion. It can be dismantled to generate Glimmer, Gunsmith Materials, and Legendary Shards.


This weapon has the following lore associated:

Do you ever wonder who you were before you were resurrected? Do you experience debilitating anxiety when you think about the cold, crushing fist of death? Has the desire to lie facedown on the floor for hours at a time been holding YOU back?

From the people that brought you Lunal comes prescription-strength Immortalia: a revolutionary new combat elixir shown to relieve the crippling existential crises of your second life. Immortalia can reduce symptoms of listlessness, cynicism, and social anxiety. Side effects may include dancing, salty behavior, and acts of group heroism.

Do not take Immortalia while operating all-terrain thrust bikes.


The Jade Rabbit can be obtained from Exotic Engrams, earned as a rare drop for completing missions or defeating enemies. It can also be found in Powerful Engrams awarded for completing weekly milestones.


The Jade Rabbit can also be upgraded with the following perks:

Column 0Edit

The Fate of All Fools D2 perk icon The Fate of All Fools
Chain body shots to gain bonus damage on your next precision shot and return ammo to the magazine.

Column 1Edit

Polygonal Rifling perk icon Polygonal Rifling
Barrel optimized for recoil reduction.
  • Increases stability.

Column 2Edit

Armor-Piercing Rounds perk icon Armor-Piercing Rounds
Rounds cause extra damage to combatants' shields and overpenetrate targets.
  • Slightly increases range.

Column 3Edit

Zen Moment perk icon Zen Moment
Causing damage with this weapon increases its stability.

Column 4Edit

Dual Speed Receiver perk icon Dual Speed Receiver
When aiming down sights, weapon rate of fire slows while weapon damage increases.

Column 5Edit

Hand-Laid Stock perk icon Hand-Laid Stock
This weapon is optimized for recoil control.
  • Increases stability.

Column 6Edit

Default Ornament perk icon Default Ornament
Restores your weapon to its default appearance.
Jade Jester perk icon Jade Jester
Equip this Weapon Ornament to change the appearance of The Jade Rabbit.


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