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A prestigious trophy earned in battle during the Trials of Osiris.
― In-game description

The Infinite Theorem is a legendary machine gun. It can be dismantled to generate Glimmer, Weapon Parts, and Legendary Marks.


The Infinite Theorem can be retrieved from one of the following activities/vendors:

Disciple of Osiris source icon Disciple of Osiris
The Disciple of Osiris stocks this item.


The Infinite Theorem can be upgraded with the following perks:

Column 0[]

Arc Damage perk icon Arc Damage
This weapon causes Arc Damage.

Column 1[]

Smooth Ballistics icon Smooth Ballistics
Increased recoil.

Boost to range.

Field Choke icon Field Choke
More range and Impact.

Increased recoil.

Aggressive Ballistics icon Aggressive Ballistics
More predictable recoil.

Enhanced Impact. Shorter range and more recoil.

Column 2[]

Third Eye icon Third Eye
Radar stays active while aiming down this weapon's sights.

Column 3[]

Snapshot icon Snapshot
Aiming this weapon is incredibly fast.
Perfect Balance icon Perfect Balance
This weapon has extremely low recoil.
High Caliber Rounds icon High Caliber Rounds
Oversize rounds built to stagger targets and leave them reeling.

Their mass makes a weapon harder to handle.

Column 4[]

Spray and Play icon Spray and Play
Increases the reload speed of this weapon when its mag is empty.