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Crota's soul may be defeated, but his armies remain. See to their extermination.
— Eris Morn

The Extermination was a quest given by Eris Morn after completing the Rise of Crota quest in The Dark Below. This quest unlocked the strike The Will of Crota and, depending on a Guardian's class, awards Mark of the Duskborn (Titan), Cloak of the Dusktorn (Hunter), or "Curse of the Hidden" (Warlock). It was made unavailable in The Taken King.


  1. Defeat 25 Hive Knights and Wizards, then bring proof of their demise to Eris.
  2. In Patrol, defeat the Heart of Crota in the Refinery, Hand of Crota in the Lunar Complex, and Eyes of Crota in the Terrestrial Complex.
  3. Hunt and kill Omnigul in the Will of Crota strike.