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For the Destiny Crucible map, see The Drifter (Map).

The name says it all.
― In-game description

The Drifter is a rogue Guardian and the host of Gambit. He serves as a vendor in the Tower. During Gambit matches, he appears in his ship, The Derelict, to spectate and determine the horde of enemies the Guardians must face.


Dark Ages[]

The Drifter was resurrected by a Ghost during the Dark Ages. He operated under the alias of Wu Ming for a time, and met the Guardian Oran during that time.

City Age[]

The Drifter set up shop in The Last City, where he invited guardians to participate in Gambit, a game created by The Drifter himself.



  • "Nothing kills a Guardian faster than another Guardian."[2]
  • "They don't make Dark Age tech like this anymore. Lucky for you I kept all mine."[3]
  • "Cayde's dead, and I need more guns. One step forward, one step back."
  • "You know about those, huh? You the one causin' them? Tell you right now, I don't appreciate what they got to say." 
  • "WOO! The best gunfights happen on the frontier!"
  • "Portal's up! Go take 'em out!"
  • "You're invading! Make a mess."
  • "Hahaha! I'm sorry, were they sayin' somethin'? Cuz' they're dead now!"
  • "Gift? What gift?"



The Drifter sells various items to Guardians, including weapons, shaders, and emblems with some of these items requiring a certain number of Gambit rank resets before purchasing.

In addition, he also sells 5 bounties that award Infamy Rank Points and one weekly bounty that awards 150 Infamy Rank Points and Powerful Gear. 


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