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Destiny 2[]


  • "Go throw some Taken at your friends."
  • "You're always welcome on the Derelict."


Coin Toss[]

  • "All right, mavericks! Ready to see what you're fightin' today?"
  • "All right, all right, all right. Let's see what we've got."
  • "Enough foolin' around."
  • "Oooh!"
  • "Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding!"

Enemy Type Revealed[]

1st Round[]

Prep Talk[]
  • "Welcome aboard."
  • "Welcome to Gambit."
  • "Yeah, I was at Twilight Gap. My grandma, too. Who wasn't? Shoot some Fallen!"
  • "If you see one Hive soldier, a hundred more are waiting for you that you don't see--yet."
  • "Think you could eat a Hive knight? Those're the questions you ask yourself on the frontier."
  • "I've dealt with ugly, but damn! Scorn are UGLY! Finish this fast, yeah?"
  • "Fallen. ...I'd go out there with ya, but I pawned my Gjallarhorn. Shucks."
  • "Ever been up to the Leviathan? Cabal can be a HOOT! Still gotta fight'em."
  • "Cabal culture is all military these days. Used to be they were easier to kill."
  • "You can burn Hive guts for a fire in the wild. It's toasty!"
  • "It takes about a hundred of Shaxx's Redjacks to take down a Hive Knight. Why does he bother building'em?"
  • "Ever pull a gun off a Vex arm? Don't bother. It won't shoot anymore."
  • "Never trust a Scorn! They're little balls of instinct. Shoot first, talk to it later."
  • "We'll never see eye to eye... to eye with the Hive. Go poke 'em out!"
Preparing Transmat[]
  • "Prepare for transmat!"
  • "Get ready for transmat!"
  • "Transmat is go!"
  • "Transmat is firing!"

After Transmat (1st Round)[]

  • "Get me those Motes and I'll make you rich, brother/sister. I promise."
  • "Get ready for a firefight, brother/sister, and drop those Motes in the bank."

Having "Dredgen" seal[]

  • Hey, hey! You're a Dredgen! Fight like one, brother/sister!

After Transmat (2nd Round Onward)[]

  • "Time to step it up, brother/sister! Hostiles called their heavy hitters."
  • "Back to action. Kill somethin' big, and bank those Motes!"

Team Can Bank and Summon Primeval[]

  • "You're nearly there! Fill the bank! Get that Primeval up!"
  • "Get those Motes to the bank! It's time for a Primeval!"
  • "Bank those motes, and you can summon a Primeval. You want to win? That's how."

2nd Round Prep Talk (1st Round Lost)[]

  • "You guys are great. And your team's horrible! Just kidding!"

2nd Round Prep Talk (1st Round Won)[]

  • "Your team's hit their stride! Opposing team, pick it up!"

2nd Round Prep Talk (Win)[]

  • "Enemy team, I need more motes. And your team's solid."
  • "Opposing team, do better! Everyone else is doin' great!"

Hostiles Locations[]

  • "Hostiles at the Pit!"
  • "Incoming hostiles at the Canal!"
  • "Hostiles incoming at the slums!"
  • "Hostiles at the Trees!"
  • "Hostiles inbound at the Beach."
  • "Incoming wave at the Ruins."
  • "Hostiles incoming at the Depot!"

Small Blocker Summoned[]

  • "Half-pint Taken headed to the other side."

Medium Blocker Summoned[]

  • "Medium Blocker outbound!"

Large Blocker Summoned[]

  • "Large blocker headed to the other side. You're a horrible person."
  • "You just sicced a large blocker on your fellow Guardians. Don't tell the Vanguard!"

Invasion Portal Opened[]

  • "Portal's up!"
  • "Portal's up! Go look 'em in the eyes."
  • "Portal's up! Go say hello!"

Invading the Enemy Team[]

  • "You're invading! Make a mess!"
  • "Embrace the darkness. Take out those Guardians!"
  • "This is what the Taken feel. Revel in this."

Ally Invading the Enemy Team[]

  • "Your ally's invading!"
  • "Your ally's invading the other side!"

Enemy Invading[]

  • "Invader incoming!"
  • "Invader on the field. Careful."
  • "You're being invaded! Find them before they find you."
  • "Invader inbound. Hunt 'em."

10 Seconds Left (Invading)[]

  • "Ten seconds and I pull you back!"

Killed 1 Enemy Guardian[]

  • "Guardian down!"
  • "That's one!"

Killed 2 Enemy Guardians[]

  • "That's two!"

Killed 3 Enemy Guardians[]

  • "Three down!"
  • "The executioner's come to town!"

Killed 4 Enemy Guardians[]

  • "Woo! They should have run! Look at 'em now! They're dead!"
  • "Woo! Are you having fun yet? I am!"
  • "HAHAHAHAHA! I'm sorry. Were they saying something? 'Cause they're DEAD now!"
  • "Woo! All the best fights happen on the frontier!"

Killed Invader[]

  • "Hey, you fight dirty. I like it."
  • "Hey, hey, easy there! I think you got 'em! Haha."
  • "Invader's dead! Keep pushing."
  • "Invader down! You're clear."

Mass Ad-Clear[]

  • "Did you wake up pissed today or somethin'? I like it!"

Primeval Defeated[]

  • "Primeval down. Good work."
  • "Envoys are in the dirt! Now focus on the Primeval!"

Enemy Primeval Defeated[]

  • "Fight's over. Opposing team killed their Primeval."

Match Win[]

  • "Who's better than you? Nobody! You killed everyone else."
  • "That's quite the haul, thank you very much! Old Drifter here is gonna put these to good use. Trust."
  • "Good haul! I'm gonna do something with all those motes you collected. Something that'll make you shiver..."
  • "I put you up against the nastiest horrors I could find in this system and you laugh in my face as you kill 'em! Ha! Punk."

Match Loss=[]