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The Distributary is the original homeland of the Awoken. It is a twin-ringed planet within a hidden pocket universe, where time travels much faster inside than outside of it. 



The Distributary was originally created when the kugelblitz of Light and Dark enveloped the Exodus Green colony ship, transporting everyone aboard into a strange, transcendental state of matter. Mara Sov was the first one to enter, and created the pocket universe and its laws before awaking within. As the Awoken began to notice the planet around them, Mara Sov had convinced Captain Alice Li (by then known as Alis Li) that she had created the world they were in, and therefore she would be their queen. The Awoken people made one of their most vital rules that they would never return to the original universe, so they named the planet The Distributary--a stream that does not connect back to its original river. 

The physics of the Distributary are relatively similar to the primary universe. However, Awoken in the Distributary are inherently immortal and cannot die without trauma. Additionally, the cosmological constants of the Distributary universe imply that it will eventually collapse in a Big Crunch, before being reborn again.