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The Dawning is a holiday celebrated in The Last City. It first appeared in game in Destiny, and ran from December 13th, 2016 to January 3rd, 2017. It hosted a new Sparrow Racing League event, new quests, new gear for Guardians, and some brand-new ways to compete in Strikes.


The Dawning is a time when the Guardians gather together to welcome a new year by sharing gifts and games. It's considered a season of healthy competition. It was created during the early days of the Last City, when the survivors brought customs from a thousand nations to create new traditions to reflect the new world they lived in. Lanterns and candles are lit to symbolize the Light guiding people through the Darkness, a reminder that no matter how dark the night is, dawn will always come.


The Dawning included these new events such as:

  • Strike Scoring
  • Sparrow Racing League w/ 2 New Maps
  • Updated Strikes
  • New Legendary Armor Sets
  • 2 New Exotics, Nova Mortis and Abbadon
  • 1 Returning Exotic, Ice Breaker (Year 3)
  • Treasures of the Dawning
  • Vanguard Elite Bounties

Persistent Content[]

From the items listed above, the items and gamemodes that stayed were:

  • Strike Scoring: Permanent
  • Sparrow Racing League: Private Matches only
  • Updated Strikes: Permanent
  • New Legendary Armor Sets: Permanent
  • All 3 Dawning Exotics: Permanent
  • Treasures of the Dawning
  • Vanguard Elite Bounties: Permanent