What you call Darkness is the end of your evolution.
Oryx to the Young Wolf.

The Darkness, also known as the Black Heart to the Vex and The Deep to the Hive, is an ancient, mysterious enemy of The Traveler and is the cause of the Collapse, the cataclysmic event that ended humanity's Golden Age.[1] The Traveler sacrificed itself to save humanity from it, and following its last battle against it, became silent and dormant in the place it now rests, hovering low above Earth and protecting The City.[1]

Though few remember exactly what the Darkness is, it is returning to finish its war against The Traveler and humanity.[1] Guardians must push it back and wake the Traveler in time, or humanity could be lost.[1]

In Destiny 2, the Darkness first physically appears at the end of the Red War campaign as a fleet of black, triangular vessels. Throughout the rest of Destiny 2's expansions, the triangle fleet reappears, hinting towards a possible Second Collapse occurring in the future.


The Darkness is vaguely described as being the opposite of the Light granted by the Traveler, as well as its ancient enemies. Whatever the Darkness is, it is paracasual and is able to grant certain beings the ability to wield its power.


The earliest known mention of the Darkness is in the Book of Sorrows written by Oryx, where it is known as "The Deep". The book describes the origins of the Hive from the moon Fundament, where Aurash, Sathona, and Xi Ro ventured beneath the surface of the moon and discovered the ancient Worm Gods, ancient, serpent-like beings with the power to wield Darkness. Through the powers of the Dark and the Worm Gods, the three sisters were transformed into Auryx, Savathun, and Xivu Arath.

Some time later, Auryx slew the Worm God named Akka in order to craft the Tablets of Ruin and learn the ability to Take. After doing this, he renamed himself Oryx, and used his new powers to summon the Darkness itself into an Ogre, where it spoke directly to Oryx about its goals and beliefs.

Many years later, the Darkness attacked the Traveler at the Eliksni homeworld, where it destroyed their civilization after the Traveler abandoned the species. Shortly after, Oryx and his sisters arrived at the Homeworld to finish off the remaining Eliksni,

In another indeterminate time before the Collapse, Calus, the Cabal Emperor encountered the Darkness after exiting the Leviathan, where it showed him a vision of a lifeless, dark future. It also told Calus that the Emperor would serve as its herald, and spread the news of the coming Darkness.

The Darkness was first discovered by humanity moments before the Collapse. Rasputin encountered the Darkness personally, and survived an attack from the Darkness itself. Shortly after, the Darkness attacked the worlds of humanity and engaged in a final battle with the Traveler. The Darkness was defeated, and sent away from the Solar System when the Traveler made its last stand on Earth, attacking the Darkness with Light. The site of this battle is where the dormant Traveler remained, and would soon be the location of the Last City and home of the Guardians

After its defeat at the hands of the Traveler, the Darkness fled outside of the Milky Way galaxy, waiting for the Traveler to reawaken so that it might enact its revenge. 

At some point during the Dark Ages, the Vex in the Black Garden encountered and began worshiping the Black Heart, a malevolent entity made of pure Darkness. 

During the City Age, a Guardian encountered an unnamed Exo known as the "Exo Stranger" who warned the Guardian of the evils of the Vex, the Black Heart, and the Darkness. Now on a mission to defeat the Black Heart, the Guardian learned the location of the Black Garden and the Black Heart from the Awoken of the Reef. The Guardian proceeded to travel to the Black Garden and defeat the Black Heart and its army of Vex soldiers.

After the invasion of the City by the Red Legion and the awakening of the Traveler, the original Darkness fleet that waited outside of the Milky Way reawakened, sensing the Light of the Traveler returning. The fleet proceeded to head towards the Traveler to finish what it began millions of years ago. 

During the reawakening of Xol and Nokris on Mars, Xol addressed the Guardian, claiming that they would "drown in the Deep".

Months after the battle between Rasputin and Nokris' Grasp, the Scorn, an undead group of Fallen who were corrupted by Darkness-infused Ether assisted in a prison breakout from the Prison of Elders. 

Mara Sov has a map of the fleet of Darkness ships in her court, and the Nine, as well as the Drifter seem to be aware of the coming Darkness as well, with the Drifter claiming that Gambit is to help prepare Guardians for what could be described as a second Collapse. 

Known Members of the DarknessEdit



  • Although Destiny referred to all enemy alien races collectively as "minions of the Darkness," they are not directly affiliated with the Darkness. However, the Hive worship the Darkness.[2]
    • The Vex also worshiped the Black Heart, which is described as being a part of the Darkness, and granted the Vex powers of Darkness.
    • The Taken are individuals infected by Darkness itself.
    • The Scorn are also linked to the Darkness, as they were all Eliksni who were revived from the dead through Darkness-tainted Ether, or "Dark Ether". 
    • Phantasms are individuals revived by a power using the Darkness.


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