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Beneath the surface of the Moon, a long-forgotten enemy wakes. Survive the Hellmouth, and stop a dark army from invading Earth.
― Official description[1]

The Dark Below is a downloadable content (DLC) expansion pack for Destiny.[1] It became available on December 9, 2014 for $19.99.[2]

The Dark Below is included in certain editions of The Taken King and can no longer be purchased separately. Except The Dark Below can still be purchased for the Xbox 360 from the Xbox Marketplace.


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After the destruction of the Black Garden's heart, Eris Morn lands in the Tower. As a former Guardian, Eris warns the Tower of the return of Crota, a Hive prince that is worshiped as a god. Eris is the only survivor of a failed raid to kill him. She requests the Guardian to purge some the Hive on Earth by killing the Fist of Crota. Although killing the Fist of Crota did stop some Hive, the remaining Hive attempt to take over Rasputin. The siege is led by Omnigul the Will of Crota and the Might of Crota. After killing the Might of Crota, the Guardian hunts down Omnigul. Eris then sees the Guardian as ready to stop the Hive on the Moon from resurrecting Crota. The Guardian seeks out the Soul of Crota and destroys it along with the Hive Wizards trying to resurrect it.


In addition to new weapons, The Dark Below contains armor that can boost a Guardian's Light level to 32.[1] Eris Morn appears in the Tower and provides access to exclusive bounties, emblems, and materials.[1]

Story Missions[]

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Crucible Maps[]

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  • The trademark for the expansion was filed in 2013. Activision had Blizzard Entertainment file the trademark,[4] which led to some confusion as to whether the expansion was related to World of Warcraft.[5]
  • When The Dark Below was released, Destiny was updated to give all players access to new weapons and armor, and new Daily Bounties.[6]
  • After the release of The Taken King, all PlayStation timed-exclusives in this expansion were made available to all other platforms. Additionally, all Crucible maps pertaining to this expansion were made available to all players, including those who did not own it.




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