Eris Morn and the Guardian launch a campaign against the worst of Oryx's army.
― In-game description

The Court of Oryx is a quest composed of two steps.[1]

Quest StepsEdit

Step OneEdit

Quest step icon Depose the Court
"Patrol the Dreadnaught. Summon and defeat the Court of Oryx by slaying enemies and imbuing their runes with power."


  1. 6 Reciprocal Rune summons, victories
  2. 3 Stolen Rune summons, victories
  3. 1 Antiquated Rune summons, victories

It is not necessary to personally use a rune to record a victory. Assisting other Guardians who have used runes will count as well.

  1. Experience
  2. Crota's Bane reputation

Step TwoEdit

Quest step icon Talk to Eris
"Speak to Eris Morn at the Tower."


  1. Speak to Eris Morn at the Tower.


  1. Shader
  2. Armor Upgrade


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