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The Consul was a mentor to the Dominus of the Cabal Empire, Ghaul.[1]


Calus's reign and exile[]

Long before the events of Destiny 2, the Consul advised Ghaul in his successful military coup against the previous Cabal emperor, Calus.[1]

At some point in his lifetime, the Cabal Emperor Calus rose to power. Calus' first move as emperor was to exile the Consul, leading him to form a strong hate for the Cabal Emperor. This hate then became the foundation for gathering members including Ghaul and overthrowing Emperor Calus.

Following Ghaul's conquering of the Last City, the Consul became increasingly frustrated with Ghaul for his continued inquiries with the Speaker as to how he might earn the Light instead of taking it by force. These feelings only increased when the cage was completed and Ghaul still refused to simply steal the Light. The Consul's frustration finally turned to anger when the lone Guardian succeeded in destroying the Almighty and the Vanguard began their attack on the Red Legion in the City. Seeing all they had worked for crumbling because of Ghaul's stubborn refusal to steal the Light, he confronted his student. When Ghaul's response was to consult the Speaker one last time, the Consul released the Speaker from his bonds, furiously berated Ghaul, and crushed the Speaker's mask when he noticed Ghaul staring at it. Angered by his insolence and hostility, Ghaul grabbed the Consul by the throat and assured him that he would take the Light as he choked his old mentor to death.[2]


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