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Tess is a broker of special goods delivered to the Tower from the City, and beyond.
― in-game description

Tess Everis is an Awoken merchant. She runs the Eververse Trading Company, along with Fenchurch Everis.


Tess is somehow related to Fenchurch Everis.[1]

Tess Everis was temporarily forced to move to The Farm following the takeover of The Last City by The Red Legion.


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  • Prior to Update, Tess's main function was to deliver rewards obtained by redeeming codes through the website or participating in other out-of-game activities.[2] In Update, Tess was temporarily removed from the Tower and her wares were moved to a kiosk near Eva Levante. In Update 2.0.1, Tess came back to the Tower with the Eververse Trading Company, which sells emotes for a new currency known as Silver, which you have to buy with real-world money.



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