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This template produces a pre-formatted citation code for information taken from an online article, which follows the Destiny Wiki recognized citation format. This template should always be used when sourcing an article.

Please note this template is already offered on the editor through the reference feature - accessed through one of the following buttons on the editor: Reference Button.png Reference Button Source Mode.png Reference Button Visual Mode.png


To use this template, simply copy and paste the following code, between two ref tags (<ref>{{RefArticle|<...>}}</ref>), after the section of information taken from a specified online article:

  • And then filling out the appropriate fields by placing the correct information after each tag.
    • Firstname → The name of the first article author.
    • Lastname → The lastname/surname of the first article author.
    • Coauthors → The name of any co-authors. Set out in "Last name, First name" formats. If there are more than one co-authors, separate authors by ";". E.g. Goldfarb, Andrew.; Goldfarb, Andrew.;Goldfarb, Andrew.
    • Year → Year of article release.
    • Title → Title of article.
    • URL → URL address of article. Must contain "http://" to create hyperlink.
    • Publisher → Publisher of article (e.g. IGN, Gameinformer, etc.)
    • Accessed → Date when editor accessed the article. Layout as DAY MONTH YEAR; e.g. Jan 01 2013.
  • Lastname, firstname, title, accessed, and URL are compulsory fields, meaning that they must be filled out in order for the reference to work.
  • If an editor does not know an article's year, co-authors, or publisher, they may leave the appropriate fields empty. However the editor must warn an administrator that the information is missing so it can be rectified at a later date.
  • Editors should always try to fill out as many fields as possible, and should always use this template when referencing an online article.


Placing the following code into the editor:
Destiny will take place 700 years from now.<ref name="IGN Article: Jan 19 2013">{{RefArticle
|title=Bungie's Destiny Story Details, Concept Art Leaked
|accessed=19 January 2013

Will produce the following in the article text:

Destiny will take place 700 years from now.[1]

And will produce the following in the source/reference list at the bottom of the article:

  1. Goldfarb, Andrew. (2012) "Bungie's Destiny Story Details, Concept Art Leaked". IGN. Retrieved 19 January 2013.