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The {{Navsub}} template is an extension of the {{Navbox}}, offering further indentation and separation of article lists for better navigation purposes.
The template can be used in a similar manner to the Navbox through using rowX and rowstX fields; however, the Navsub template does not possess template, state, and title fields.
The following template should be place within a row field of a Navbox to form another sub navigation box within:
|rowstX= [Optional] Row subtitle
|rowX= [Required] Row contents
  • rowX - Rows are a required parameter which contain list(s) of the navigation box.
    • The maximum number of rows permitted is 10.
    • Row positions are determined by the row number designated X: row1, row2, row3, up to row10.
  • rowstX - Row subtitles are an optional parameter which distinguish row themes.
    • Row subtitles match their row number allocation (X): rowst1, rowst2, rowst3, up to rowst10.
The following mark up:
|rowst1= Player
|row1= [[Hunter]] {{*}} [[Titan]] {{*}} [[Warlock]]
|rowst2= Enemy
|row2= {{Navsub
       |rowst1= [[Cabal]]
       |row1= [[Centurion]] {{*}} [[Colossus]] {{*}} [[Legionary]] {{*}} [[Psion]]
       |rowst2= [[Fallen]]
       |row2= [[Captain]] {{*}} [[Dreg]] {{*}} [[Vandal]]
       |rowst3= [[Hive]]
       |row3= [[Knight]] {{*}} [[Ogre]] {{*}} [[Thrall]] {{*}} [[Acolyte]] {{*}} [[Wizard]]
       |rowst4= [[Vex]]
       |row4= [[Goblin]] {{*}} [[Harpy]] {{*}} [[Hobgoblin]] {{*}} [[Hydra]] {{*}} [[Minotaur]]
Will result in the following template:

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