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The {{Navbox}} template creates a customizable navigation box for use on articles. Navigation boxes aid navigation of articles, through grouping and linking articles with similar themes.
The following template should be placed on an empty template page, and customised to link set article theme:
|template= [Required] Template page name
|state= [Optional] Navbox collapse state
|title= [Required] Title of navbox
|rowstX= [Optional] Row subtitle
|rowX= [Required] Row contents
  • template - The template field is a required parameter which links the view, discussion, and edit links in the navbox header to the template page.
  • state - The navigation box state is an optional parameter which determines the navigation box's collapse state.
    • "plain" creates an uncollapsible navbox, "collapsed" creates a pre-collapsed and expandable navbox, and "uncollapsed" creates an uncollapsed navbox which is able to be collapsed.
    • If left empty, the default state will be collapsed.
  • title - The title is a required parameter which names the navigation box.
  • rowX - Rows are a required parameter which contain list(s) of the navigation box.
    • The maximum number of rows permitted is 20.
    • Row positions are determined by the row number designated X: row1, row2, row3, up to row20.
  • rowstX - Row subtitles are an optional parameter which distinguish row themes.
    • Row subtitles match their row number allocation (X): rowst1, rowst2, rowst3, up to rowst20.
The following mark up:
|title=[[Species|<span style="color:#d5d4d4;">Species</span>]] list
|rowst1= Player
|row1= [[Awoken]] {{*}} [[Exo]] {{*}} [[Human]]
|rowst2= Enemy
|row2= [[Cabal]] {{*}} [[Fallen]] {{*}} [[Hive]] {{*}} [[Vex]]
Will result in the following template:

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