This template produces a vehicle infobox. It will appear on the top right hand side of the article for the full site, and at the top of the article for the mobile site.


Place the code below at the top of an article and fill out the required fields (see Field Descriptions).


Field Descriptions

Field Data Source Description
image In-Game Screenshot An image of the vehicle that is auatomatically scaled to 250 pixels wide. Please see Destiny Wiki:Image Policy before uploading images.
name Game Vehicle name. Defaults to article name.
faction In-Game Faction/race that vehicle is owned by.
activities In-Game Activities where the vehicle may spawn.
armanent In-Game Brief description of any onboard weapons, such as "2 Foward Mounted Machine Guns"
driver In-Game Enemy type(s) that can drive the vehicle. If Guardians can drive the vehicle, include them as per the demonstration.
location In-Game Location vehicle is available from, or may spawn at.


The following code...

|activities=[[Crucible]], [[Story Mission]]
|armament=2 forward-firing Arc Cannons
|driver=[[Dreg]], [[Guardian]]
|location=[[First Light]], [[Bastion]], [[Archer's Line]], [[Forgotten Shore]], [[Winter's Lair]]

...produces this. Refresh Preview

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