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Place the code below at the top of an article and fill out the required fields (see Field Descriptions).


Field Descriptions

Field Data Source Description
name Game & API Crucible map name. Defaults to article name.
image In-Game Screenshot An image of the crucible map that is auatomatically scaled to 250 pixels wide. Please see Destiny Wiki:Image Policy before uploading images.
location In-Game Map location, typically planet and region name.
terrain In-Game A brief description of the terrain.
visibility In-Game A brief description of the visibility such as "clear" or "foggy".
light In-Game Brief description of maps overall lighting, such as "well-lit" or "medium light with a few dark areas".
size In-Game Approximate size of the map compared to the other maps. (EG "small", "medium" or "large")
players In-Game Ideal number of players for this map. (This usually depends on the gametypes that are available on this map.)
heavyammo In-Game Number of heavy ammo drops. Specify for each gametype if different.
vehicles In-Game List of vehicles available on the map and Sparrow accessibility.
turrets In-Game Are stationary turrents available on the map?
gametypes In-Game List of gametypes supported by the map.


The following code...

|name= First Light
|image= [[File:First_Light.png|250px]]
|location= [[Mare Cognitum]], [[Moon]]
|terrain= Sloped map; rocky, with steep hills and cliffs
|visibility= Clear
|light= Well-lit with a few medium-lit caves and tunnels
|size= medium-large
|players= 8-12
|heavyammo= 2
|vehicles= [[Pike]]<br />[[Interceptor]]
|gametypes= [[Control]]

...produces this. Refresh Preview

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