This template produces a mission infobox. It will appear on the top right hand side of the article for the full site, and at the top of the article for the mobile site.


Place the code below at the top of an article and fill out the required fields (see Field Descriptions).


Field Descriptions

Field Data Source Description
name Game & API Mission name. Defaults to article name.
image In-Game Screenshot An image of the mission that is auatomatically scaled to 250 pixels wide. Please see Destiny Wiki:Image Policy before uploading images.
location In-Game Location(s) where mission takes place.
type In-Game & API Mission type, such as Story Mission.
quest In-Game Which quest this mission is a part of.
required In-Game Mission unlock requirements.
unlocks In-Game Missions & activities unlocked upon completion.
majors In-Game Named major tier enemies that appear during the mission.
ultras In-Game Named ultra tier enemies that appear during the mission.
difficulties In-Game Difficulties mission can be set to.
rewards In-Game & API Items, gear and/or abilities gained when mission completes.


The following code...

|location=[[Old Russia]], [[Earth]]
|type=[[Story Mission]]
|required=[[A Guardian Rises]]
|unlocks=[[The Dark Within]]<br />
[[The Warmind]]
|ultras=[[Riksis|Riksis, Devil Archon]]
|difficulties=Level 2<br />
Level 5
|rewards=[[Experience|XP]] Bonus

...produces this. Refresh Preview

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