This template produces an armor infobox. It will appear on the top right hand side of the article for the full site, and at the top of the article for the mobile site.

Note: This template can only be used for armor in Destiny.

For armor in Destiny 2, use Template:Infobox/D2Armor.


Place the code below at the top of an article and fill out the required fields (see Field Descriptions).


Field Descriptions

Field Data Source Description
name In-Game & API Name of armor piece. Defaults to article name.
image In-Game An in-game image of the armor piece that is automatically scaled to 250 pixels wide. Please see Destiny Wiki:Image Policy before uploading images.
type In-Game & API Armor type (such as Helmet, Chest Armor, etc.).
rarity In-Game & API Armor rarity (such as Basic, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, or Exotic).
manufacturer In-Game The armor's manufacturer and/or faction.
armorset In-Game Armor Set the armor piece belongs to, if applicable. (Armor pieces that have very similar or exact same names are usually classified as armor sets.)
level In-Game Level requirement(s) for the armor piece. For armor pieces that have different level requirements, set the level range as min - max using the lowest possible level requirement and the highest possible level requirement for the armor piece.
defense In-Game & API Armor's defense rating. Set the lowest possible defense rating that this armor piece can be obtained at and the highest defense rating possible (whether or not by upgrading/infusing) as min - max.
intellect API Armor's intellect value. Format as min - max.
discipline API Armor's discipline value. Format as min - max.
strength API Armor's strength value. Format as min - max.
quality API Armor's quality number.
tier API Armor's tier number.
icon API and Icon for armor piece.
stack API Maximum number of this armor piece in a single stack. (This is usually 1.)
transfer API If this armor piece can be transferred to the Vault.
action In-Game & API Armor's default action. (This is usually "Dismantle".)
loot In-Game "Yes", "No", or "Unknown" as to whether this armor piece is dropped as random loot.
vendor In-Game The vendor, if any, from whom the armor can be purchased.
price Game The price, if any, of the armor piece along with any rank requirements.
itemhash API API itemhash number. Provides a link to the item in the Armory on


The following code...

|image=Samsara I (Helmet).png
|name=Samsara I
|armorset=[[Samsara I]]
|defense=280 - 300
|intellect=31 - 57
|discipline=31 - 57
|strength=31 - 57
|icon=Samsara I (Helmet) icon.jpg 
|vendor=[[Ikora Rey]]
|price=120 [[Legendary Mark]]s<br/>Vanguard Rank 3

...produces this. Refresh Preview

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