This template is a sample infobox, to aid in the creation of new infoboxes.

Recommended usage: copy the template code to a new template page, and edit it there.

Infobox and template background

See Help:Templates and Help:Infobox for some background on how templates and infoboxes work.

Other notes

  • The Title, First, Second, and Third rows show "Unknown" if their values are not specified.
  • The Image, Imagecaption, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth rows won't show up if their values are not specified as they have no default value defined.


|title         = 
|image         = e.g. "Example.jpg"
|imagecaption  = 
|first         =
|second        =
|third         =
|fourth        =
|fifth         =
|sixth         =


|title         = A pretty flower
|image         = Example.jpg
|imagecaption  = Floweris flowerum
|first         = Pink and green
|second        = Outdoors
|fourth        = Annual

Results in...

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