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The {{*}} template adds wiki markup safe bullet points by automatically substituting •.
  • Bullet points can be placed by putting {{*}} at a chosen point within the editor. This template should be used where bullet points are needed without forming a bullet list, or where a line bullet list is needed:
[[Human]] {{*}} [[Exo]] {{*}} [[Awoken]]
Human Exo Awoken
  • Always use a non-breaking space to part the template from the next string to avoid merging.
  • When lists become long enough to consume more than one line, wrap the list within an element expressing the nowraplinks class to ensure the line breaks form after the bullet only:
<div class="nowrap">[[Human]] {{*}} [[Exo]] {{*}} [[Awoken]] {{*}} [[Titan]] {{*}} [[Hunter]] {{*}} [[Warlock]] {{*}} [[Cabal]] {{*}} [[Centurion]] {{*}} [[Legionary]] {{*}} [[Fallen]] {{*}} [[Dreg]] {{*}} [[Vandal]] {{*}} [[Captain]] {{*}} [[Hive]] {{*}} [[Thrall]] {{*}} [[Acolyte]] {{*}} [[Knight]] {{*}} [[Wizard]] {{*}} [[Ogre]] {{*}} [[Vex]] {{*}} [[Goblin]] {{*}} [[Hobgoblin]] {{*}} [[Minotaur]] {{*}} [[Hydra]]</div>
Human Exo Awoken Titan Hunter Warlock Cabal Centurion Legionary Fallen Dreg Vandal Captain Hive Thrall Acolyte Knight Wizard Ogre Vex Goblin Hobgoblin Minotaur Hydra

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