Taox was a proto-Hive who tutored the three daughters of the Osmium King: Sathona, Xi Ro, and Aurash.[1]


Taox was a sterile Mother and consequently fortunate to have a longer lifespan than most members of her species. She became the teacher of the royal offspring of the Osmium Court, a floating continent on the gas giant Fundament. When the Osmium king's mind began to crumble from senility and madness, Taox realized his death was imminent, and feared that all of his daughters were too wayward and weak to ascend the Osmium Throne and rule effectively. Using her trusted position, she secretly invited the rival Helium Drinkers of the Helium Court to invade the Osmium Court, assassinate the royal family, and make her regent of the continent under the Helium king.[2]


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