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Taniks, the Scarred, also known as Taniks, the Abomination, Taniks, Reborn or Taniks Perfected was a Fallen mercenary.


Taniks is a mercenary among the Fallen, and is not directly affiliated with any one House, instead offering his services to the highest bidder. He is responsible for the release of Aksor from the Prison of Elders, as well as the murder of Andal Brask, the Hunter Vanguard preceding Cayde-6.[1]

Taniks, the Scarred, a mercenary known for the theft of Aksor from the Prison of Elders and the murder of Hunter Vanguard Andal Brask, sells his services to any Fallen House willing to pay the right price. It is believed by the Fallen that he is undying, a living huntsman whose physical self is joined with a mix of technologies, each pilfered from legendary treasure troves. But treasure is not the only currency of value to Taniks. His true ambitions rest in the challenge of the feats in front of him, and the rewards simply allow him to exist free of any Kell’s rule.

Events of The Dawning[]

Two years later, during the SIVA Crisis, the Devil Splicers resurrected Taniks using SIVA. Taniks, now Taniks Perfected, and his mercenary crew join the Devil Splicers, once again using his old Ketch as a base of operations. Zavala and Ikora Rey task a Fireteam of Guardians with defeating him once again.


Following the discovery of the Pyramid Ship on the moon, several nightmares began to manifest. The nightmare of Taniks was one of these nightmares, located in the crashed Wolves' Ketch. The guardian then killed the Nightmare of Taniks.