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Taniks, the Scarred is a Fallen Ultra and the boss of the strike The Shadow Thief. His primary weapon is a Scorch Cannon, which is usable after he is killed.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Taniks is a mercenary among the Fallen, and is not directly affiliated with any one House, instead offering his services to the highest bidder. He is responsible for the of Aksor from the Prison of Elders, as well as the murder of Andal Brask, the Hunter Vanguard preceding Cayde-6.[1]

Events of The Dawning[edit | edit source]

Two years later, during the SIVA Crisis, the Devil Splicers resurrected Taniks using SIVA. Taniks, now Taniks Perfected, and his mercenary crew join the Devil Splicers, once again using his old Ketch as a base of operations. Zavala and Ikora Rey task a Fireteam of Guardians with defeating him once again.

References[edit | edit source]

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