Takanome's Rangers was a group that protected refugees making their way to The City before the rise of the Guardians. They were led by Ayane Takanome.


Takanome's Rangers was one of the first groups that protected refugees traveling to The City. Despite not being Guardians, she and her Rangers were often the only protection available in the early days of the Dark Age, when most Guardians were just starting to revive and regroup.[1]

As their numbers dwindled and the Guardians took over, she and her group took to planting blue flowers along the safest routes, so as to guide refugees.[2] While the story of Takanome and her Rangers was later recounted by Chiyoko Mey, some believe she and her group to be merely a myth.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Members of Takanome's Rangers preferred long-range combat with sniper rifles.[3] Due to their lack of the Traveler's Light, they could not revive if killed, and so had to rely on camouflage to survive engagements with the enemy.[4]


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