For the 2015 quest, see Sweet Memories (2015).
"Sweet tastes remind us of the sweet memories we cherish." —Eva Levante
― In-game description

Sweet Memories was a quest in Festival of the Lost 2016.

Quest StepsEdit

Step OneEdit

Quest step icon Touring the Tower
"Visit people in the Tower and collect Festival of the Lost candy!"


  1. Visit Cayde-6
  2. Visit Commander Zavala
  3. Visit Eris Morn
  4. Visit the Speaker
  5. Visit the Cryptarch
  6. Visit Lord Shaxx
  7. Visit Ikora Rey

Step TwoEdit

Quest step icon Return to Eva Levante
"Return to Eva Levante. Then fill the bag by defeating foes and earning Crucible kills while wearing a mask!"


  1. Talk to Eva Levante at the Tower.


  1. Uncommon Engram Mask



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