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The Swarm Princes are the four Knights that protect the Sword of Crota and act as bosses for The Sword of Crota. The deaths of the four knights will cause the destruction of the sword.

Swarm Princes[]


  • Banuk is faced early in the level and is the only Prince where you will not have access to the sword.
    • Like all Knights, his head is his weak point.
    • Shotguns are also very effective due to the confined space you fight him in.
  • The remaining three Princes can all be quickly defeated with the Sword of Crota, but can also be defeated by conventional means.
  • They will not spawn until after you have fought off enough Hive.
  • Additionally, you will only face one at a time, another Swarm Prince will not spawn until you have defeated the one you are currently fighting.
  • On harder difficulties, it may be wise to occasionally back away for awhile, the Princes will have enough power to kill you before you can kill it.