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Superblack is a legendary shader.[1]


  1. During the Festival of the Lost 2016 quest Sweet Memories, Eris Morn will give a Tiny Box of Raisins.
  2. Take the Tiny Box of Raisins and 25 Motes of Light to The Speaker to obtain Ascendant Raisins.
  3. Take the Ascendant Raisins to Commander Zavala to obtain a Salted Sweet.
  4. Take the Salted Sweet to Master Rahool to obtain a Winged Chew.
  5. Take the Winged Chew to Amanda Holliday to obtain Splice Drops.
  6. Take the Splice Drops to Cayde-6 to obtain Unchocolate.
  7. Take the Unchocolate to Eris Morn to obtain a Bag of Treats, which contains the Superblack shader and a Piece of Celery.


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