Fist of havok

A Titan uses the Fist of Havoc super ability.

Super Abilities are abilities in Destiny that, when activated, allow a player to unleash powerful offensive, defensive, or tactical powers.[1][2] Each super ability is specific to a particular subclass (while subclasses are, in turn, specific to particular player classes).[1][2]

Super abilities need to be recharged after use,[1] and the phrase "Super Charged" appears in the player's HUD when charging has completed.[3] Super abilities normally recharge in 5 minutes and 30 seconds. This cooldown can be reduced by increasing the Guardian's Intellect (.35 seconds per point of Intellect), killing enemies (2.8 seconds per kill), performing certain in-game actions, or picking up Orbs of Light.[3] Orbs of Light are generated by other Guardians when they use their own super abilities, a cooperative gameplay mechanic designed to encourage players to play in Fireteams and work together.[4]

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