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A subclass attribute in Destiny is an attribute that is dependent on a Guardian's subclass. The subclass attributes are Armor, Recovery, and Agility.

Each class receives a bonus to a particular attribute. At level 1, Hunters have 1 Armor, 1 Recovery, and 5 Agility; Titans have 5 Armor, 1 Recovery, and 1 Agility; and Warlocks have 1 Armor, 5 Recovery, and 1 Agility.[1]


Armor determines how much health a Guardian has. The following table is an approximation of how armor correlates to health points:[1]

Armor Health Points
1 186
2 187
3 190
4 191
5 192
6 194
7 195
8 198
9 198
10 199

The following is a list of everything a Striker Titan can survive when equipping maximum armor:[2]

  • Shoulder Charge
  • Max 170 damage and all burn damage from an incendiary grenade
  • Flux grenade stick
  • First blast from a magnetic grenade stick
  • Four bodyshots or a combination of two headshots and one bodyshot from The Last Word with the Soft Ballistics perk


Recovery determines how soon health begins to recharge after taking damage and how quickly health recharges.[3]


Agility determines movement speed (except sprinting speed) and the height of an initial jump.[4]