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A Shadebinder Warlock using its Stasis Super Ability, Winter's Wrath

Stasis Subclasses[]

Each class has its own subclass related to Stasis. The Hunter Stasis subclass is called Revenant, the Titan Stasis subclass is called Behemoth, and the Warlock subclass is Shadebinder.


Revenant subclass Super Ability is called Silence and Squall. The first Kama freezes enemies in its radius. The second Kama creates a Stasis tornado that slows and freezes inside, and tracks enemies. (This can be reversed with way of the current super deflect.) Silence and Squall are the names of the two Kama blades, that the Hunter summons when casting their Super Ability.


The Behemoth subclass Super Ability is Glacial Quake, which covers the Titan's fist in a Stasis gauntlet.


The Shadebinder Super Ability is called Winter's Wrath, which allows the Warlock to summon a staff made of Stasis crystal and shoot 3 freezing orbs at a target, by pressing the right mouse button you will aim the staff in the air causing a shock-wave that will shatter all targets froze within a radius.


The Stasis subclasses have fragments to customize the gameplay of the subclass.