A key to secure Splicer locations.
― In-game description

Splicer Key is a consumable introduced in Rise of Iron.

Source Edit

A Splicer Key can be obtained through defeating certain Hive or Devil Splicers in Plaguelands patrols and Rise of Iron missions. Defeating a Hive Brood Mother Witch, Blood Enforcer Hive Knight, or Splicer Emissary will always cause a key to drop, provided the player performs the killing blow on the enemy and that the player does not have 10 keys already.

Usage Edit

  1. Splicer Keys can be used at the Archon's Forge for re-entry after respawning during the event.
  2. A Splicer Key can be used to open doorways blocked by lasers; inserting a Splicer Key in a monitor located near the walls will disarm the lasers and allow safe passage. The next room will contain some Fallen, an Iron Battle Axe and two Loot Chests.
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