Unlike his Fallen brethren, the clever Spider prefers to negotiate instead of fight.
― In-game description

Spider is the leader of a Fallen crime syndicate located in the Tangled Shore. Once the Scorn overrun the area, he retreats into a hideout and allies himself with the Guardian and Petra Venj to clear the region of Scorn and other escaped Prison of Elders convicts. He serves as the primary vendor of the area, assigning bounties and providing material purchases and exchanges.


As the leader of a Fallen crime organization, the Spider focuses on smuggling items across the region. The organization was long established in the Tangled Shore prior to the events of Forsaken and the chaos sowed by the Scorn. The Spider is fluent in English, second to only Variks, the Loyal in Destiny. He prefers to negotiate conflicts rather than partake in violence.

The Spider has a strange fascination with human culture and is often seen toying with the fragments of a dead Ghost. He accepts Ghost Fragments as payment for accepting bounties.


The Spider has a list of Bounties for Guardians to purchase. These high value targets reward Legendary rewards for completion. Each bounty requires a payment of Ghost Fragments to accept.

Name: Location: Ghost Fragments Needed
Metal Captain EDZ, Earth, Drain Lost Sector 1
Kurg, the All-Seeing Force EDZ, Earth, Pit Lost Sector 1
Zerz, the Unstoppable Weight EDZ, Earth, Firebase Hades, Pathfinders Crash Lost Sector 2
Mazan, Lost Captain EDZ, Earth, Trostland District, Widow's Walk Lost Sector 2
Fortifier Yann EDZ, Earth, Sunken Isles District, The Quarry Lost Sector 3
Queenbreaker EDZ, Earth, Trostland District, Spawns outside of Church 1
Dust-Choked Thrag EDZ, Earth, Firebase Hades District, Excavation Site XII Lost Sector 2
Student of Beltrik Nessus, Exodus Black, "high-value target" in the area 4
Splendid Mind Nessus, Glade of Echoes, " high-value target" in the area 4
Pakrion Nessus, The Tangle district, Ancient's Haunt Lost Sector 3
Karagul Titan, Siren's Watch, Methane Flush Lost Sector 2
Subterranean Mind Mercury, Pirah's Refuse Lost Sector 3
Ghaul Devotee Lost Oasis, "high value target" in the area 4
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