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The Sol Progeny was group of three Vex units located in the Black Garden, resembling enormous Minotaurs of similar size to Zydron, Gate Lord. They are individually named Primeval Mind, Imminent Mind, and Eschaton Mind, and they each bear a different head shape. They each appear as a lifeless statue, until the Black Heart summons them to protect itself. Unlike Zydron, these units are built specifically as vessels for the Black Heart, as Darkness can clearly be seen emanating from their bodies.


The Black Heart activated the Sol Progeny, who appeared as lifeless statues before, to attack The Guardian, but they, along with the Black Heart, were ultimately destroyed.

Notable Members[]


  • The names of the three Sol Progeny - Primeval Mind, Imminent Mind, and Eschaton Mind - are terms relating to past, present, and future respectively.