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The Sol Divisive is a Vex programming. They are the faithful protectors and worshipers of the Black Heart residing in the Black Garden.[1] Some of the Vex belonging to the Sol Divisive have the title "Disciple" attached to their names.


It is believed that the Sol Divisive is a key part of Vex operations in the Solar System, though there is little insight into their behavior. It is known that this collective tends to act religiously, something confusing to most scholars, this shows that the Vex have potentially found something that can transcend even their own power within the Black Garden.


The Sol Divisive has defended the Black Garden and the Black Heart for the majority of it's known existence. One of their Axis Minds, the Eschaton Mind, was part of the Sol Progeny. When the Black Heart was destroyed, the Divisive summoned another one of their Axis Minds, the Undying Mind, to seal off the Garden and restore the Heart. Later on the Sol Divisive protected a region of the Garden which was invaded by Guardian forces after they detected a signal sent from the Unknown Artifact retrieved from the Pyramid, now in the possession of Eris Morn. When the Axis Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent was destroyed in the assault, the Sol Divisive invaded the Moon and gathered additional forces in response to hostile action against them, summoning Minds such as Crotheon. The Sol Divisive would fall under The Witness's control as it sends them in to invade the Ares Spire on Mars and then stop The Coalition's efforts to bypass the portal into the Pale Heart of the Traveler by invading the Dreaming City.

Notable Members[]