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Sloane is a female Titan of The Last City who serves as a Vanguard scout. During the events of the Red War, Sloane served as Commander Zavala's deputy and secured the moon Titan as a outpost for the Vanguard.


Destiny 2Edit

Sloane first contacted the Guardian and their Ghost when they arrived in orbit around Titan after leaving The Farm. She served as a voice of reason between the Guardian and Commander Zavala, who was still shaken by the loss of the City. Sloane informed the Guardian of the tasks at hand: get the station operational, prepare the Guardian fleet, decrypt Red Legion transmissions, and ultimately plan a counteroffensive.[1]

Initially, Sloane tasked the Guardian with clearing out the command center. Once that was done, she guided them through the chore of getting the power back online, along with Zavala and Amanda Holliday[2] Needing a Golden Age CPU to crack some high-priority Red Legion communiques, she next instructed them to the Arcology, an area infested with Hive. Upon recovering the computer system, Sloane then informed the gathered Guardians of the threat posed by the Cabal superweapon The Almighty. She felt the situation to be hopeless, but Zavala disagreed.[3]

At one point, she briefed a group of rather cocky Guardians who were preparing to undertake a mission against the Hive. In addition, Sloane relayed the last transmission before the Sunbreakers were overrun and destroyed[4], as well as reports of the Fallen abandoning the Cosmodrome.[5]



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  • "Due respect, Commander? I was there when the Hive found us on Earth. I was there when we stopped them on Titan. And I'll be there when we wipe them out."[6]


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