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The Skyburners are a legion of the Cabal empire.


The Skyburners were the target of Oryx's attack on Phobos. When their base was destroyed by the Taken, Primus Ta'aun rammed the warship Dantalion Exodus VI into the Dreadnaught and sent constant forces of Cabal into the Dreadnaught to fight the Hive and Taken.[1] The Primus was taken by Oryx after he led a failed attack to seize a Hive portal.[2]

Valus Mau'ual and Valus Tlu'urn attempted to detonate the Dreadnaught's core to avenge their leader's death but were killed by a fireteam of Guardians before they could do so.[3]

Notable Members[]


  • While morale among the Skyburners was fairly low following Oryx's assault on their base on Phobos, it started to improve with the arrival of Ghaul's fleet in the Solar System. With Ghaul and the Red Legion, some members felt that they stood a chance of finally defeating the Guardians.[4]