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Festival of the Lost 2015
You have risen from eternal night to haunt the dreams of your enemies.

This mask can be discarded and reclaimed at the holiday kiosk.
― In-game description

Skull Mask is a mask. It can be obtained randomly from Treasure of Ages or purchased from the Silver Dust Kiosk for 20 Silver Dust.

During Festival of the Lost 2015, the mask could only be obtained from Legacy of the Lost mystery bags.


  • Immediately upon equipping this mask, an eerie cackle can be heard. This mask will continue to cackle occasionally or when swapping equipped armor pieces or shaders as long as it is equipped. The jawbone also moves whenever it cackles.
  • Other eerie sound effects, such as screaming, can be heard while this mask is equipped.
  • This is one of two animated masks that can be obtained in Destiny. The other one is the Firewolf Mask.