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Skolas and his crew challenge the Guardians who captured him. Face him with a Fireteam of three. End him.
― In-game description

Skolas's Revenge is a Prison of Elders challenge in the Destiny expansion House of Wolves.


  • Round 1
    • Enemy: Hive
    • Modifiers: Exposure, Brawler
    • Objective: None
  • Round 2
    • Enemy: Vex
    • Modifiers: Grounded, Airborne
    • Objective: Destroy mines
  • Round 3
    • Enemy: Cabal
    • Modifiers: Catapult, Arc Burn
    • Objective: Dismantle mines
  • Round 4
    • Enemy: Fallen
    • Modifiers: Specialist, Juggler
    • Objective: Kill target
  • Round 5
    • Enemy: Fallen
    • Modifiers: Trickle, Small Arms
    • Objective: Kill Pilot Servitor
  • Round 6
    • Enemy: Fallen
    • Modifiers (rotates weekly):
      • Brawler, Juggler
      • Small Arms, Lightswitch
      • Catapult, Angry
    • Objective: Kill Skolas and dismantle mines

Round 6 Guide[]

At the beginning of the fight, Skolas will be virtually immune to all weapons. The players must hunt down special translucent Servitors found in the arena and kill them, which will grant a 20-second period during which Skolas may be damaged. Once Skolas's health has been reduced to 70%, the servitor bonds will break and he will become permanently vulnerable. Killing any remaining Servitors after this point will have no effect.

After the servitor bonds are broken, a unique mechanic named Devouring Essence will be added to the encounter. One player chosen at random will be afflicted with a debuff that slightly obscures their vision while a timer counts down for 30 seconds. If the timer reaches zero, that player will die. Death can only be avoided by having a second player approach and take the essence for themselves before the 30 seconds are up. This will restart the timer with the debuff applied to the taking player. A player whose essence has been taken cannot take it back for 40 seconds, meaning that the newly debuffed player must be rescued by the third player, who must then be rescued by the first once their immunity has worn off. The essence must be cycled among all three players in sequence for the remainder of the fight. If a debuffed player dies, the debuff will be given to a randomly selected remaining player after a short time.

When Skolas's health has been reduced to 50%, a set of mines to be dismantled will appear. The players must continue to cycle the debuff while dismantling the mines around the arena.

A second set of mines will appear when Skolas has been reduced to 15% health. After this set is dismantled and Skolas is killed, the encounter will be completed.



Skolas's Revenge will give the following rewards once per week beginning at the Weekly Reset:

Queen's Chest[]

In addition to the usual Queen's Chest loot, the Queen's Chest will also reward the following:


Immediately upon killing Skolas, the following rewards have a chance to drop once per week per character: