Vanguard scout and wanderer, Shiro-4 is an expert assassin who values intel as much as artillery.
― In-game description

Shiro-4 is a Hunter and scout for the Vanguard. He is also a vendor who can be found in the Iron Temple.


Shiro is one of the Vanguard's most trusted scouts--but not actually a member of the Vanguard itself--tasked with eliminating Fallen threats on Earth. Most of his time is spent running between Earth, the Moon, and Venus, engaging Fallen crews. He is free of the pressure of leadership that ties his mentor, Cayde-6, and thus, willingly aids the Vanguard whenever or wherever his skills are required.[1]


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  • "I have the tools; you have the talent. I can't wait to see how this turns out."[2]
  • "I've done the math. When you pull this trigger, one plus one equals zero. Every time."[3]



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