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Montana 2: Big Night Out[]

Montana World[]

  • "Get back out there."
  • "Yeah, well screw him."
  • "Step up."
  • "You think you're good enough?"
  • "Here to cash in?"
  • "Until next time."
  • "Green fn."
  • "Do we have a problem here?"
  • "Yeah...?"
  • "What?"
  • "Hey... hit me... hard as you can."
  • "What do you need?"
  • "Wheres my TEAM!"
  • "Let's do this."
  • "Anything you need, Guardian?"
  • "Anything I can do for you?"
  • "You want the Crucible? I am the Crucible."
  • "You look like you've got what it takes."
  • "The darkness may as well come in and take the place if that's all we've got."
  • "Would love to get Zavala back in the Crucible, teach the new breed how it's done..."
  • "You want to take on the Cabal? You've got to train, or they'll stomp you flat..."
  • "Hey. *Laughs* You look like you need training, Guardian."
  • "Rise and shine, Guardian."
  • "If you think it will suit you."
  • "Rise and shine, Guardian."
  • "Evening, Guardian."
  • "Cayde ran through the Crucible like it was a game... sly bastard."
  • "Hivebane."
  • "(Hivebane) If you're looking for Shaxx, you've found him."
  • "Good to see you, Hivebane."
  • "*laughs* It's the Hivebane."
  • "Honor is earned."
  • "The honor is mine, Hivebane."
  • "See you, Hivebane."
  • "Ikora's gift for the Light is like none I've seen before."
  • "Hivebane. (laughs) Love it."
  • "The Hivebane. I love it."
  • "The slayer of Oryx."
  • "Are you ready, Oryx slayer?"
  • "I trust you're prepared, Hive slayer."
  • "I will see you around."
  • "I'll be here, Hivebane."
  • "Superb."
  • "Let's get you back out there."
  • "Let's get you ready."
  • "FWC's getting antsy. They must be preparing for something."
  • "Do you think you can match them?"
  • "I really appreciate your efforts, Guardian."
  • "Well done."
  • "No better time to gear up."
  • "I wanna see that back in the Crucible."
  • "Let's see you use that."
  • "Now you're ready to get to work."
  • "Solid."
  • "I will tell you how I lost my horn, but it doesn't live up to slaying Oryx."
  • "I'm not gonna tell you how I lost the horn; you couldn't handle it."
  • "I'd tell you to hit me, but I think it would hurt."
  • "You wanna stare me down?"
  • "You think you take me?"
  • "I've seen the best, Guardian."
  • "You're the best."
  • "Your honor, Guardian."
  • "Keep it up, Guardian."
  • "Tick, tock. Get rolling."
  • "Something wrong?"
  • "What is the holdup?"
  • "Speak."
  • "Or we should settle this in the Crucible."
  • "Wasting my time is no way to impress me, Dreg."
  • "What could possibly challenge you, after Oryx?"
  • "Go find what awaits you after Oryx."
  • "(laughs)"
  • "Yeah."
  • "Okay."
  • "You fight for all of us."
  • "You'll know where to find me."
  • "Hope you know how to use that thing."
  • "Have you been to the Crucible?"
  • "You killed the King! (laughs)"
  • "What's next?"
  • "Honor is earned."
  • "Till next time."
  • "Well, Dead Orbit isn't calling the shots. I am."
  • "You fight for the City."



Match Intro[]
  • "Stick together, team." (Clash)
  • "Engage and execute all targets." (Clash)
  • "Work together. And you might survive." (Clash)
  • "No holding back! Your enemies won't!" (Clash)
  • "Nothing complicated here. Defend your allies and defeat your opponents." (Clash)
  • "Best your opponents and survive! Victory is a matter of will." (Clash)
  • "Get your head in the fight, Guardians." (Clash)
  • "Execute all targets, and make sure you're still standing when the dust settles."
  • "Capture and hold zones to claim victory." (Control)
  • "Hold the zones! They're the only path to victory." (Control)
  • "Time to fight, Guardians. Capture all zones." (Control)
  • "Capture the zones. They're all that matters." (Zone Control)
  • "Take those zones, Guardian! Victory demands it." (Control)
  • "Focus on the zones. Control them to claim victory." (Control)
  • "Capture and defend, Guardians." (Control)
  • "Only one path to victory, Guardians. Capture the zones, destroy your enemies." (Control)
  • "Show me you can take ground. Hold the zones." (Control)
  • "I know you can fight, but can you hold territory?" (Control)
  • "If an enemy defeats you, hold tight. An ally may be close." (Skirmish)
  • "(in serious tone) Stick together, team."
  • "Watch your back, Guardian. No one else will." (Rumble)
  • "The enemy is everywhere." (Rumble)
  • "You'll find no allies on this battlefield. Fight hard!" (Rumble)
  • "The enemy is all around you." (Rumble)
  • "No one to help you here. Success belongs to you alone." (Rumble)
  • "Claim the relics before your opponents do." (Salvage)
  • "Find the relics and secure them." (Salvage)
  • "Secure the relics and smash your opponents!" (Salvage)
  • "Fight for the Spark. Take it into the Rift." (Rift)
  • "The Spark will ignite the Rift, and your enemies will burn." (Rift)
  • "Prove your worth to the Iron Lords." (Iron Banner)
  • "The Iron Lords are watching, Guardian." (Iron Banner)
  • "Show the Iron Lords what you're made of." (Iron Banner)
  • "How will you fare against utter chaos?" (Mayhem)
  • "Enjoy yourself, Guardians." (Mayhem)
  • "Good luck." (Mayhem)
  • "(chuckles) Time for battle!" (Mayhem)
  • "How will you fare against utter chaos? (quietly chuckles)" (Mayhem)
  • "Destroy them with your Light!" (Mayhem)
  • "Let's see what you can do with no limits!" (Mayhem)
  • "Once more unto the breach! (laughs)" (Mayhem)
  • "Here's how this works: break your opponent and retrieve their crest." (Supremacy)
  • "The rule is simple: defeat your enemy, claim their crest." (Supremacy)
  • "Defeating an opponent drops their crest! That's your cue to take it." (Supremacy)
  • "Take your enemy down, then take their crest. Their honor will come with it." (Supremacy)
  • "Get the kill. Then, get the crest!" (Supremacy)
  • "Take a Guardian's crest and you take their honor. Don't let it happen to you." (Supremacy)
  • "One kill. One crest. Make it happen, Guardian!" (Supremacy)
Team winning[]
  • "You've gained the lead."
  • "Gained the lead!"
  • "You're in the lead."
  • "You're in the lead. Don't choke, Guardian!"
  • "Your team is in the lead."
Team far ahead in points[]
  • "You're crushing them!"
  • "Your strategy is working. Keep up the good work."
  • "Haha! The Crucible is no place for mercy."
  • "Ha, you're crushing them! Send them home crying."
  • "This isn't a fight. It's a massacre."
  • "Show them that you've got this."
  • "Oh, did they ever stand a chance."
Enemy winning[]
  • "Lost the lead."
  • "You're falling behind."
Team far behind in points[]
  • "They're crushing you."
  • "Don't give up. Fight!"
  • "You're not dead yet, Guardian..."
  • "You fight to win, Guardian. So fight."
  • "Looks like you've misjudged your enemy."
  • "Don't let up!"
  • "Prove your worth, Guardian!"
  • "Fight back! Control the zones!" (Control)
  • "Capture and control the zones or this is over." (Control)
  • "You can come back from this, Guardian! Take the zones!" (Control)
  • "The fight is over if you can't secure the zones!" (Control)
  • "Regroup and combine your efforts. Or suffer the consequences." (Control)
Close to winning[]
  • "Victory imminent!"
  • "You're almost there!"
  • "Finish them!"
  • "One final push and victory is yours!"
  • "It's not over yet, Guardian. Make it happen."
  • "It ain't over yet, Guardian. Make it happen."
Close to losing[]
  • "You've nearly lost."
  • "Defeat is imminent."
  • "They've almost won!"
  • "The enemy's almost won!"

Heavy Ammo[]

Arriving soon[]
  • "Heavy ammo on the way."
  • "Heavy ammo inbound."
  • "Heavy ammo available."

Match Result[]

  • "Good work, Guardian. I could have used you in the field."
  • "Well done. I could have used your talents in the field."
  • "Good work, Guardian. Your light is strong."
  • "Another battle won. Onto the next fight."
  • "You've shown your might, Guardian. Well fought."
  • "You played with heart, Guardian. Their loss was inevitable."
  • "You can fight by my side anytime, Guardian."
  • "Haha! Is that what victory smells like?"
  • "Haha! More efforts like that and we might just win this."
  • "I know total domination when I see it! Superb!" (Mercy win)
  • "Your victory gives the city hope, Guardians."
  • "Your victory gives the city hope."
  • "Nice work, Guardians. Your efforts have been noted."
  • "Hard-fought victory, Guardian."
  • "A fireteam at its finest." (Skirmish)
  • "You take these small team drills seriously. It's admirable." (Skirmish)
  • "Targets eliminated. Congratulations, Guardian." (Elimination)
  • "You can fight by my side any time, Guardian."
  • "Zones controlled. Targets eliminated. Nice work." (Control)
  • "Zones controlled. Targets eliminated. Good work, Guardian." (Control)
  • "You started with nothing but a fighting spirit. Now you have an arm full of crests and all the honor that goes with it." (Supremacy)
  • "My respect for you grows with every crest you claim, Guardian. Well fought!" (Supremacy)
  • "Brutal tactics, Guardian. Such combat stirs my blood!" (Doubles)
  • "That victory was yours, and yours alone!" (Rumble)
  • "No one in that arena can stand against you!" (Rumble)
  • "Your spirit is unrivaled. Show me more!" (Rumble)
  • "We can't claim resources without force. Good work out there." (Salvage)
  • "Excellent resource acquisition. I was most impressed by the shooting." (Salvage)
  • "You held onto those relics like your life depended on it!" (Salvage)
  • "Salvage completed. Relics secure. Nicely done, Guardians." (Salvage)
  • "Relics are the key to our past. The more we recover, the stronger the City will become." (Salvage)
  • "Your legend is being forged in fire, Guardian." (Rumble)
  • "Well played. Rift ignition never smelled so sweet!" (Rift)
  • "Not enough, Guardian. You can do better. Fight again!"
  • "Your Light was not enough, Guardian. Get 'em next time."
  • "Defeat is not surrender, Guardian."
  • "This battle is lost, but there will be others."
  • "You may be defeated, but you must never surrender."
  • "Your team lost. Try again."
  • "Do you like it better when Lord Saladin oversees these matches? Do I look like I care? Get back in there!"
  • "Be patient, Guardian. If the enemy gets the better of you, wait for an ally." (Skirmish)
  • "Let this defeat be a lesson: only the strong survive."
  • "You will learn from this defeat."
  • "Stand tall, Guardian. This battle is lost, but there will be others."
  • "I know that's not the best you've got. Now do it again."
  • "Let the sting from this defeat feed your fire."
  • "Crucible matches require more focus. Again!"
  • "They've outmatched you this time, Guardian, but victory is a matter of persistence."
  • "Worry not, Guardian! Now, fight again!"
  • “Did you lose, Gaurdian? Here’s an idea, Throw. More. Grenades.”
  • "Make pain your ally and victory is yours!"
  • "You've got to hold those zones. Maybe next time, Guardian." (Control)
  • "No... not this time. Controlling those zones is the only path to victory." (Control)
  • "The city will never gain new ground if we can't hold territory." (Control)
  • "The zones are everything!" (Control)
  • "Glory demands more, Guardian!" (Supremacy)
  • "Your crest is your honor, Guardian! Protect it!" (Supremacy)
  • "Your glory, Guardian. Reclaim it!" (Supremacy)
  • "Before the day is done, we're getting your glory back. Fight again." (Supremacy)
  • "I will not accept surrender, Guardian. You have dignity to maintain!" (Supremacy)
  • "They took your glory, Guardian. Reclaim it!" (Supremacy)
  • "You've lost, but so have others. You can come back from this!" (Rumble)
  • "Don't be discouraged. There can be only one winner. Come back stronger!" (Rumble)
  • "You have lost, but so have others. Come back stronger!" (Rumble)
  • "The relics are the key. You've gotta do more than fight." (Salvage)
  • "You've gotta hold your ground, Guardians. Protect those relics next time or get used to defeat." (Salvage)
  • "Let your losses drive you! Get back in there!"
  • "Failure is just a lesson in tactics."
  • "Tie."
  • "Tie game."
  • "That can't be right. Really?"
  • "What? Where's my catharsis? BOO! BOOOOOO!"

Mercy Rule[]

  • "Enough! This battle was one-sided."
  • "I know a one-sided fight when I see one."
  • "I've seen enough! I'm calling this one."


  • "Five minutes remaining."
  • "Only five minutes left!"
  • "Only one minute left."
  • "One minute."
  • "You've got thirty seconds."
  • "Thirty seconds remaining."
  • "Thirty seconds remaining! This is going to be close."
  • "Thirty seconds and counting."
  • "Too close to call. Keep the pressure on!"
  • "Thirty seconds left."
  • "Thirty seconds left. Stay focused."
  • "Just thirty seconds. Get it done."
  • "Thirty seconds left. This is going to be close."
  • "Thirty seconds left. You've got this!"
  • "Thirty seconds, Guardians. Keep it up!"
  • "You've got ten seconds!"
  • "Ten seconds remaining!"
  • "Only ten seconds left."
  • "You've got ten seconds."
  • "Ten seconds. Go down fighting!" (On the verge of losing)
  • "Ten seconds. Fight to the end!"
  • "Just ten seconds to go."
  • "Ten seconds! Bring it home, Guardians!"
  • "Ten seconds! Bring it home, Guardians!"
  • "Ten seconds! Give them hell!"
  • "Ten seconds! Give 'em hell!"
  • "Ten seconds. Get it done."
  • "Ten seconds remaining! Give 'em hell!"


First Blood (First Kill in Match)[]
  • "Magnificent! Now stay focused."
  • "Oh yes! The battle lines have been drawn!"
  • "First Blood goes to you! They'll seek retribution for this."
  • "For the hounds of war are loose!"
  • "Excellent! Let the battle be joined!"
Double Down (2 Rapid Kills)[]
  • "Double down!"
  • "Two for one!"
  • "Double kill!"
Triple Down (3 Rapid Kills)[]
  • "Three opponents down!"
  • "Triple down!"
  • "Yes! Three down!"
  • "Three down!"
Breaker (4 Rapid Kills)[]
  • "Fantastic work!"
  • "This is amazing!"
Slayer (5 Rapid Kills)[]
  • "Look at them fall!"
  • "Outstanding!"
Reaper (6 Rapid Kills)[]
  • "I can't believe what I'm seeing!"
  • "Phenomenal!"
Seventh Column (7 Rapid Kills)[]
  • "Seventh column!"
  • "Your legend grows!"
  • "With ten like you, I could end war."
  • "Let them burn in your light."
  • "I haven't seen a firefight like that since Twilight Gap."
  • "Fight forever, Guardian! (chuckles)"
  • "A show of strength!"
  • "Skill is its own weapon. You wield it well."
  • "I will never underestimate you!"
  • "I want more, Guardian!"
Reign of Terror[]
  • "Well executed."
  • "Well fought!"
  • "Keep it up, Guardian."
  • "Superb!"
  • "Your results speak for themselves!"
  • "Sound tactics, Guardian!"
  • "Exquisite work!"
  • "I appall sitting here while others fight my battles, but I wouldn't have missed that match for anything."
We Ran out of Medals[]
  • "What I wouldn't give to fight again beyond the walls. I would tear out a Vex heart with my teeth! I would sear the Cabal with my burning Light, challenge the Fallen Kells to personal combat and scatter them! I... I've been watching too many Crucible matches."
  • "Oh my. This is... this is beautiful. You continue to be my greatest success, Guardian."
Unsung Hero[]
  • "And that's why we have fireteams."
  • "Strength in numbers, Guardian! Excellent!"
  • "Yes! You and your allies move as one!"
  • "Your allies have your back."
  • "Excellent teamwork!"


Control/Zone Control[]

  • "Control."
  • "Zone Control."
  • "Zone A captured."
  • "You captured Zone A."
  • "Zone A secure."
  • "Zone A's captured. It's yours."
  • "Zone B captured."
  • "You captured Zone B."
  • "Zone B secure."
  • "Zone C captured."
  • "Zone C secure."
  • "Zone A neutralized."
  • "You neutralized Zone A."
  • "Zone B neutralized."
  • "You neutralized Zone B."
  • "Zone C neutralized."
  • "All zones held. You have total control."
  • "Total control! Good work."
  • "Enemy captured zone A."
  • "Zone A lost."
  • "Zone B lost."
  • "Zone C lost."
  • "Enemy captured zone B."
  • "Enemy captured zone C."
  • "Enemy controls all zones."
  • "You control all zones."
  • "You've lost them all."
  • "They've got them all. They've got total control."



  • "Elimination."
  • "Wipe them out!"
  • "Wipe out the enemy team."
  • "Eliminate all enemy targets."
  • "All enemies have been eliminated."
  • "Eliminate your opponents and claim victory."
  • "Eliminated. That's a shame, Guardian."
  • "Your team was eliminated."
  • "Your team was eliminated. Better luck next time, Guardian."
  • "All enemies have been eliminated."
  • "Last guardian standing!"
  • "You're the last Guardian!"
  • "Last guardian! Revive your teammates."
  • "It's up to you now."
  • "You're the last gun in the fight."
  • "You're all that remains."
  • "Capture the zone to end this quick!"
  • "End the round! Capture the zone!"
  • "If you can't kill them, capture the zone."
  • "Enemy team eliminated."

Iron Banner[]

  • "Iron Banner Control."
  • "Iron Banner Clash."
  • "Iron Banner Rift."
  • "Iron Banner Supremacy."
  • "Iron Banner Mayhem Clash!"


  • "Salvage."
  • "New relic located."
  • "The enemy's found a relic. Stop their probe."
  • "The enemy's disabled your probe."
  • "Your probe's been shut down."
  • "Fight! Disable their probe."
  • "They've disabled your probe."
  • "Relic compromised."
  • "Relic lost."
  • "They've got the relic!"
  • "Relic seized!"


  • "Mayhem Clash."
  • "Mayhem Control."
  • "Mayhem Rumble."


  • "Rift."
  • "Spark ready. Take it!"
  • "Charging the spark."
  • "Runner out. Push forward!"
  • "The spark has arrived."
  • "Spark charging."
  • "They stopped you. Learn from this."
  • "Defend your runner!"
  • "Enemy team has the spark."
  • "Enemy runner active! Stop them!"
  • "You've got the spark."
  • "You've got the spark. Ignite the rift!"
  • "Stop for nothing, Guardian!"
  • "Run the spark, Guardian!"
  • "Run! Ignite the rift!"
  • "Enemy runner advancing."
  • "Your runner has the spark."
  • "Your runner is advancing."
  • "Runner down."
  • "Enemy rift ignited."
  • "Your team has ignited the enemy Rift."
  • "You ignited the rift. Good work!"
  • "The enemy ignited your rift!"
  • "Too late. They've got your rift."
  • "They got you, Spark runner."
  • "You're down but not out, Spark runner!"


  • "Supremacy."
  • "Their dignity is yours!"
  • "They never saw it coming."
  • "Their crest belongs to you now!"
  • "The crest is yours, Guardian!"
  • "Their glory is yours!"
  • "Glory is yours."
  • "Their glory goes to you, Guardian!"
  • "Excellent retrieval! Now fight on."
  • "Their honor is shattered!"
  • "No one shares the glory of that one, Guardian!"
  • "Securing the crest is vital. Good work, Guardian!"
  • "This is how you grow stronger."

Combined Arms[]

  • "Combined Arms."
  • "Pike inbound."
  • "Interceptor inbound."
  • "New Pikes arrived."
  • "Interceptors arrived."
  • "Interceptor available."
  • "New Pike available."

Destiny 2[]

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  • "The EDZ needs our help, Guardian, get out there."
  • "Always good to see another hero of the Tower."
  • "What do you mean you can't concentrate when I'm yelling!? Relax!"
  • "Hang on, I need to handle this... What do you think heavy ammo available means Guardian? TELL ME! Because I don't think you get it!
  • "I've got an entire Crucible to officiate, Guardian. Don't make me wait."
  • "Tell me, Guardian... did you pull the trigger on the fair Prince?"
  • "Cayde... is gone. And so now is Uldren."
  • "Cayde's gone, and I wasn't the one to kill him... Always thought it would be me."
  • "If there's any fight left in you, Guardian, get up! And give it to me!"
  • "Dying is an essential element of the Crucible. Get back in there!"
  • "I don't care that you have strikes to get to! Worry about the fight in front of you!"
  • "The Reef is in turmoil... Nothing changes."
  • "Did you see that grenade toss? He's a danger only to himself!"
  • "This match would be funny if it weren't so embarrassing, Guardian!"
  • "We have to act immediately; Red Legion is everywhere."
  • "I can see it in your Light . You've made a bargain."
  • "They say the Dreaming City is cursed. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you, Guardian? You do walk with a world-ending sword."
  • "Tell Hawthorne I said: soon. She'll understand."
  • "The Tangled Shore... It's a lawless frontier."
  • "Stop by when you return, titan! We'll trade punches... I'll let you go first."
  • "What's going on out there? Talk to me, Guardian."
  • "Welcome back! Here to forge your Light?"
  • "The Tower is never dull when you're around!"



Match Intro[]
  • "Enemy approaching! Defend the charges, or defeat your opponents." (Countdown)
    • "Your Ghost has limited power. Survive at all costs!" (Survival)
Your Team Winning[]
  • "Enemy team has no reserves left! Finish Them!" (Survival)
  • "Opposing team annihilated."
  • "Round start. You're ahead." (Survival)
  • "Enemy team is out of lives. Topple them!" (Survival)
  • "Round start. You're in the lead." (Survival)
  • "You smashed your enemies to dust!" (Survival)
Team far ahead in points[]
  • "You're dominating the field! Don't let up."
Enemy Winning[]
  • "Your opponents have built a lead. Destroy it."
  • "Your enemy is on match point. The line must be drawn here!"
Team far behind in points[]
Close to winning[]
  • "One enemy left."
  • "One opponent remains." (Survival)
Close to losing[]
Power Ammo[]
  • (sarcastically) "Oh no!" (laughs)
  • "Good!"
  • "Nice!"
  • "Go! Make them cry!"
Match Win[]
  • "They can't win if they're dead! Haha!"
  • "Your enemy can't kill if they're dead! Haha!"
  • "I tell everyone you're my favorite guardian. WHO CARES? YOU FIGHT LIKE AN ANIMAL."
  • "You looked death in it's beady eyes and you spat in them! You fiend."
  • "A win well executed."
  • "The weight of the world was on your shoulders, and still you triumphed. Marvelous."
  • "Enemies down. All lives expended. Total victory!" (Survival)
Match Loss[]
  • "Your team has been neutralized."
  • "They got you all. Fight another."
  • "You're all down. That's alright, stand up and fight again!"
  • "You eat monsters for breakfast. You can win a battle for territory." (Control)
  • "Your enemy understands the art of demolition. You'll get there." (Countdown)
  • "Not this time. You've been defeated." (Survival)
  • "Allies down. Lives extinguished. The enemy has won." (Survival)
  • "The best thing about being a Guardian is that you're never truly beaten."
  • "You've been beaten... this time."
  • "Defeat... comes for us all."
  • "Glory comes and goes, Guardian. If you want it, it can be yours again."
  • "Tie."
  • "Arcite! Fetch me that rulebook. That... shouldn't have happened."
Mercy Rule[]
  • "I've seen enough, I'm calling this one."
  • "One minute."
  • "One minute left. The enemy is out of second chances!" (Survival)
  • "Tie-breaker active! The end is coming!"
  • "Thirty seconds! Slay your enemy, and they stay dead!" (Survival)
  • "Ten seconds."


First Blood (First Kill in Match)[]
Double Down (2 Rapid Kills)[]
  • "Two for one!"
  • "Tell them to line up faster!"
Triple Down (3 Rapid Kills)[]
  • "Three opponents down!"
  • "Three down!"
Breaker (4 Rapid Kills)[]
  • "Look at them fall!"
Ruthless (5 kill-streak)[]
  • "This is wonderful!"
  • (Hunter) "I need a hunter like you with the Redjacks!"
  • (Hunter) "Hunters like you blaze a path for the rest of us"
  • (Warlock) "I know why Ikora likes you, Guardian."
  • (Titan) "If I had ten titans like you I could build the seven pillars and shake the nine columns to their very cores."
We Ran out of Medals[]
  • "Guardian to the left of you. Guardian to the right of you. Guardian in FRONT of you. VOLLEYED AND THUNDERED!"
  • "The recruits have no excuses. Look at you! At what one Guardian can do, with nothing but their Ghost, their weapon and their Light."
[Insert Medal Here] / I Made This for You[]
  • "This is, uhhh... I don't have a medal for this! (laughs) ...hang on! I'm so proud of you, Guardian, and I want y... you to... h-have this."
  • "I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT (gasps) I don't have a medal for this. Hang on! ... I'm so proud of you, Guardian, and I want y... you to... h-have this."
Combined Fire[]
  • "And that's why we have fireteams."
  • "Strength in numbers, Guardian! Excellent!"
  • "A fireteam that fights together, stays together."
Not So Fast My Friend[]
  • "WHAT! WHAT! HOW?"


  • "Countdown!"
  • "You're on offense! Set the charges, or defeat all hostiles."
  • "The charges are everything. Set them and protect them!"
  • "If those charges explode, all is lost. Defend them!"
  • "Defend those charges! The hour is yours!"
  • "Charge set. Now, to battle!"
  • "Enemy charge set! Defuse it now!"
  • "Enemy has set a charge! Make them regret that!"
  • "They set a charge! Get out there and defuse it!"
  • "The enemy team is gone, but the charge remains. Defuse it!"
  • "The enemy defused your charge."
  • "Survival."
  • "Commit to your battles wisely. Every death counts."
  • "It's dead even. Which of you will survive?"
  • "Five lives left!"
  • "Three lives left!"
  • "Your team's out of lives!"
  • "You're knocked out."
  • "No lives left for the enemy. Destroy them."
  • "One minute left. The enemy is out of second chances!"
  • "One opponent standing."
  • "All opponents defeated!"
  • "Neither side has any lives left. I'm on the edge of my seat!"
  • "You annihilated them!"
  • "Opponent has match point. Meaningless. Fight on!"
  • "You have them where you want them! Finish this!"