A veteran of the Crucible, Lord Shaxx both arms and oversees those who seek to forge themselves within it.[2]

Lord Shaxx is the Crucible Handler located in the Tower. He sells a variety of high-level armor to Guardians.[2] He also serves as the announcer during Crucible matches.


Shaxx was a hero of the Battle of Twilight Gap and led a counterattack against the Fallen that pushed them from The City's walls.[3] He is a close friend of Zavala, whom he fought beside during the battle.[citation needed]

Shaxx now serves as the head of the Crucible and one of the commanders of the City's forces.[citation needed] At one point, executives from Tex Mechanica tried to bribe Shaxx into rigging Crucible matches in order to make their weapons look good. Shaxx refused, referring to their equipment as "junk."[4]


  • "It's competition. It's the Crucible way."[5]


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