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A veteran of the Crucible, Lord Shaxx both arms and oversees those who seek to forge themselves within it.[2]

Lord Shaxx is the Crucible Handler located in the Tower. He sells a variety of high-level armor to Guardians.[2] He also serves as the announcer during Crucible matches.


Twilight Gap[]

Shaxx is a hero of the Battle of Twilight Gap and led a counterattack against the Fallen that pushed them from The Last City's walls,[3] along with Nkechi-32, Idil Abdi, Truce, Liu Feng and Ana Bray.[4]

He and Zavala were both proteges of Lord Saladin, however Shaxx's relationship with Saladin has become strained since the Battle of Twilight Gap.[5] He is still on good terms with Zavala.

The Crucible[]

Shaxx now serves as the head of the Crucible in the City. At one point, executives from Tex Mechanica tried to bribe Shaxx into rigging Crucible matches in order to make their weapons look good. Shaxx refused, referring to their equipment as "junk."[6]


  • "It's competition. It's the Crucible way."[7]


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