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VMM Shattered Memory Fragment
One of our Venus patrols found a memory fragment on the remains of a destroyed Vex. This fragment concerns the final mission of Fireteam Tuyet, lost long ago on Venus' Shattered Coast. Perhaps one of their Ghosts can be recovered.
— In-game description

Shattered Memory Fragment is an exotic weapon bounty that ultimately rewarded the exotic fusion rifle Pocket Infinity. The bounty could be obtained from the Vanguard Mentor Missive, but was made unavailable in The Taken King.


  1. Obtain a Damaged Ghost from Venus' Shattered Coast.
  2. Kill a Vex Gate Lord in a Heroic story mission to obtain Restored Ghost.
  3. Bring the Ghost to The Speaker to obtain Fusion Rifle Schematics.
  4. Bring the schematics to the Gunsmith to obtain Depleted Exotic Weapon Core.
  5. Dismantle 10 rare or higher quality Fusion Rifles to obtain Charged Exotic Weapon Core.
    • Check the Gunsmith regularly to see if he is selling rare Fusion Rifles.
  6. Bring the core to the Gunsmith to obtain Unstable Prototype Fusion Rifle Frame.
  7. Kill 200 enemies in Weekly Nightfall Strike activities using any Fusion Rifle to obtain Stabilized Prototype.
  8. Bring the prototype to the Gunsmith to obtain Pocket Infinity.